Hello All,

I’d like to say hello to the group. Lendol Calder directed me to the site, and I’m excited about it becoming an important forum for talking about our common pedagogical concerns.

I’m the director of the Teaching of History program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Housed in the history department, we prepare BA and MAT students to become middle and (mainly) high school teachers. We also serve as the main resource for teaching issues generally in the department. At the same time, I have an active research program outside the teaching of history and am currently working on a book about controversies over vaccination in American history.

Below I will include the syllabus for the Teaching of History course I’m currently doing for our MAT students. Any suggestions and criticisms will be greatly appreciated. I might well change course during the semester, and in any case next year’s students will greatly benefit!

With best wishes,

johnsto1 [at] uic [dot] edu


History 500 Robert Johnston
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