One of the problems frequently cited in the SoTL literature is learning objectives. I’ve recently begun requiring my students to link their presentation objectives to class LOs as noted in the syllabus. They are having a terrible time doing it.

They are not the only ones. Many of my colleagues, to judge by syllabi linked online, also have a hard time defining clear LOs. Here’s my challenge to you: list your learning objectives (or a link thereto) here, and let’s all start looking at them.

Here are mine for my World Civ class to 1500. I welcome comments, suggestions (oh please!!) and critiques.

1. Students will analyze various kinds of visual art for what that art can inform them about the specific society/culture that produced it. To do this effectively, students will analyze their readings in the assigned text(s) so that they can compare and contrast the values, structures and issues of the producing society with those exhibited in the art.

2. Students will synthesize and evaluate the art for its relevance to the study of the history of the producing society/culture.

3. The analyses, syntheses and evaluations will be manifested in various products that each student will be communicating in both written and oral forms.

The full syllabus is available here.

Oklahoma City University