Site Development Plans

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This new website is still under development. Here are some of the plans we have. Please email us any recommendations you may have.

1. Online Bibliography of History SOTL Scholarship

HistorySOTL began an initial project to collect and annotate a comprehensive bibliography of SOTL and history scholarship.  That initial bibliography is hosted on this site, but is not annotated nor tagged.  Nevertheless, readers are encouraged to examine the entries as needed.   The Online Bibliography Project has been taken up by the History Subject Centre, University of Warwick.  It may be accessed here.

2. Content, Content, Content

• People who willing to serve as external reviewers for journals, publishing houses, or tenure and promotion committees or to give talks on specific aspects on aspects of SoTL.
• A list of historians working in the field with some indication of the kinds of problems they are interested in.
• Queries about topics on which you would like responses from other readers – e.g. bibliography questions on a particular topic, methodological quandaries, ethical dilemmas, search for colleagues for panels or research projects, etc.
• Short reviews of books and articles of particular interest
• Announcements of relevant conferences or publishing opportunities
• A list of “corresponding members” – These are just readers who pledge to submit something to the web site every six months

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