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Welcome to the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in History

Teaching history can be a lonely undertaking. Our students are not in a position to fully understand the challenges and the triumphs that we experience. And many of us are teaching in departments in which there is not an active community dedicated to the systematic exploration of teaching and learning history. We need a space in which to share ideas with those around the globe who are committed to making the riches of our discipline available to more students. Our students and our societies deserve no less, and we ourselves need the ideas of others and the emotional energy of knowing that we are part of a larger endeavor.

It is the mission of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in History (HistorySoTL) to bring together historians from around the world who share these concerns and to facilitate the spread of ideas about the pedagogy of history.

Our HistorySoTL website will serve as an online community to provide information and highlight opportunities to share ideas with others interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning in history. We encourage you to join us in this effort by presenting papers at conferences, as well as provide us with information about events, activities, and publications that would be of interest to the other members of our organization. We also encourage you to share with us ideas about how we can work together to strength our efforts to bring an understanding of history to ever more students.

All the best,

David Pace, President, ISSOTL in History

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