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How to Join

Thank you for your interest in the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in History (HistorySoTL). Membership in the society is free and entitles members to participate in online conversations by commenting and leaving posts, and to receive an electronic newsletter highlighting developments, trends, and projects in history SoTL.

To register you must contact the webmaster at histsotl [at] indiana [dot] edu. A password will be provided, which you can change at first login.

Membership Privileges

HistorySoTL membership provides you:

  • Access to members-only sections of the HistorySoTL website
  • Opportunity for interaction and collaboration with an international scholarly community
  • Opportunity to shape an exciting international organization
  • Advance notices of ISSOTL activities and conferences
  • Opportunities to develop or join ISSOTL Interest Groups

Participate in the Discussion Forum

You must be logged on to participate in any online conversations.

To login,
1. Click on the “Login” link at the top right.
2. Enter your username and password.

Contribute to the Website

• Let us know if you are willing to serve as an external reviewer for journals, publishing houses, or tenure and promotion committees.

• Tell us about your current research project and the research problems that interest you.

• Describe your departmental program for training Ph.D. students and submit the syllabus of the course you use to teach them.

• Share with us announcements about relevant conferences, funding, or publishing opportunities.

Please email us any recommendations you may have.

Spread the News about the Society

History SoTL society relies upon its members to spread the word about what we are doing. Now that you have joined, consider sharing the news with others:

• Forward this site’s URL to interested colleagues or discussion lists.

• Forward the press release announcing this issue of the newsletter to colleagues or lists.

• Encourage interested students to join the society.

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