Department of History

David Nelson

David NelsonDavid Nelson has been awarded a Future Faculty Teaching Fellowship (FFTF) for the 2006-2007 academic year.

Indiana University's FFTF program is designed to allow participating graduate students to experience faculty life in the type of environment where most academic job openings now are—institutions similar to IU's non-residential campuses and smaller liberal arts colleges—as well as providing funding and time for dissertation writing. The host institution provides a faculty mentor and teaching opportunities.

As an FFTF recipient, David, whose specialty is pre-modern Japan, will teach two courses per semester in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Indiana University's Kokomo campus. In the fall he will teach the Western Civilizations I survey course and a 300 level pre-modern Japanese History course and in the spring he will teach Western Civilizations II and Early Modern Japanese History. David explains that "because my career goal is teaching, this program is the perfect opportunity for me to make the transition from student to faculty. During the upcoming year as a Future Faculty Teaching Fellow, I will have the support and guidance of a faculty member while I increase my independent teaching experience, a commodity hard to come by for those of us just entering the job market."