Department of History

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Judith AllenJudith Allen
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 811
(812) 855-0037
History of sexuality, reproduction, birth control, demography and sexology/sex research; History of feminism and related sexual politics movements since the late eighteenth century; History of crimes and criminalization in Western and overseas settler societies since 1750; Comparative histories of Anglophone cultures
Peter BaileyPeter Bailey
Visiting Professor

Social and Cultural History - Modern Britain 1815 to Present
John BodnarJohn Bodnar
Distinguished and Chancellor's Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 722
(812) 855-4491
Modern U.S. history, social and cultural
Maria BucurMaria Bucur
John W. Hill Chair of European History
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 719
(812) 855-1993
Gender; Citizenship; War and memory; Eastern Europe
Cara  CaddooCara Caddoo
Assistant Professor
BH 809
African American; Diaspora and Race; Film, Media and Popular Culture; Built Environment; Religion
Kalani CraigKalani Craig
Clinical Assistant Professor
BH 815
Conflict resolution in late Antique and medieval Europe; Digital history, including spatial history, natural language processing and network analysis, ; Non-human agency in processes of historical change
Nick CullatherNick Cullather
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 728 1215 E. Atwater
(812) 855-1602 (Atwater) (812) 855-8036
Diplomatic history; Modernization theory; U.S.-Asian relations ; Intelligence
Deborah Mauskopf DeliyannisDeborah Mauskopf Deliyannis
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 735
(812) 855-3431
Late antique and early medieval Europe; Medieval historiography; Urban change in Late Antiquity; Material culture and archaeology
Arlene DiazArlene Diaz
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 817
(812) 855-2195
18th to 20th century Venezuela and Caribbean; Latin American social and gender history
Konstantin DierksKonstantin Dierks
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 734
(812) 855-6288
Early America / Atlantic World / British Empire; Geography; Globalization; Communications and Knowledge
Michael S. DodsonMichael S. Dodson
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 726
(812) 855-6286
South Asian intellectual and cultural history; British imperial history; postcolonial theory
Ben EklofBen Eklof
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 831
(812) 855-6298
Modern (Imperial, Soviet post-Soviet) Russia; Education, politics and policy making in Russia; Russian daily life; Russian peasantry
Colin  ElliottColin Elliott
Assistant Professor
Ecological and Economic Integration in the Ancient and Late Antique Mediterranean; Money, its meaning and uses in the Roman Empire; The Application of Economic and Social Theory to Classical Antiquity
Wendy GamberWendy Gamber
Byrnes Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 819
(812) 855-5876
Nineteenth-century United States (social and cultural aspects); Women and gender
Jeffrey L. GouldJeffrey L. Gould
Rudy Professor
Ballantine 829
(812) 855-6934
Central America: social movements, ethnic relations
Michael GrossbergMichael Grossberg
Sally M. Reahard Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 721
(812) 855-3882
American legal history; History of children and the family; History of American social policy
Peter GuardinoPeter Guardino
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 833
(812) 855-6108
Mexico; Latin America; political culture
John HansonJohn Hanson
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 742C, BH 731
(812) 855-5212
Africa; Religion; Intellectual and cultural
Ke-Chin HsiaKe-Chin Hsia
Visiting Assistant Professor
BH 712
Modern East Central Europe; The First World War; Welfare State; Democratization and Bureaucracy; Nationalism in multinational Empire; Disability
Carl IpsenCarl Ipsen
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 727, Collins Living-Learning Center
(812) 855-8976/ (812) 855-9815
Italy: fascism, population, children
Daniel JamesDaniel James
Mendel Chair
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 825
(812) 855-6321
Latin American social, cultural and labor history
Padraic KenneyPadraic Kenney
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 716
(812) 855-1923
Poland; eastern Europe; communism and social movements
Jessie KindigJessie Kindig
Visiting Assistant Professor
1215 E. Atwater Avenue
(812) 855-0020
U.S. in the world; Race and ethnic studies; Gender and sexuality; Cultural and political history; Social movements
Sarah KnottSarah Knott
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 710
(812) 856-0092
Early America; Women and gender; Age of Revolutions
Lara KriegelLara Kriegel
Associate Professor
BH 709
Victorian Culture, Society, and Literature; History of Britain and the British Empire; Military Culture; Diaries, Memoirs and Life Writing; Museum History and Public History
Hiroaki KuromiyaHiroaki Kuromiya
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 717
Modern Eurasia
Jacob LeeJacob Lee
Visiting Assistant Professor
BH 808
Early America; The American West; Borderlands; Colonialism; Environmental history
Alex LichtensteinAlex Lichtenstein
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall 816
U.S. labor history; South African history; Civil Rights; Communism and Anticommunism; U.S. South
Edward LinenthalEdward Linenthal
JAH, 1215 E. Atwater
(812) 855-0335
Public history; War, genocide, and memory; American religious history; Holocaust studies
Pedro MachadoPedro Machado
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 832
(812) 855-1320
Global and Indian Ocean History; Commodity Histories; Globalization; Merchant and Commercial Networks; Oceanic Perspectives and Frameworks; Comparative and Connected Slaveries; South Asian and African History
Krista MaglenKrista Maglen
Assistant Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 808
(812) 855-4051
Modern; History of Medicine; Immigration; Animal Studies
Michael McGerrMichael McGerr
Paul V. McNutt Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 830
(812) 855-6113
Modern American history; American political, cultural, and social history
Jason McGrawJason McGraw
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 736
Latin America and Caribbean; slavery/emancipation/race; popular culture
Marissa J. MoormanMarissa J. Moorman
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 725
(812) 855-5384
Popular cultural practices and politics; Gender, sexuality, Africa and nation
Michelle R. MoydMichelle R. Moyd
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 720
(812) 856-4787
East Africa, colonial, cultural and military; Militaries and labor; Labor history; Violence; Gender, war, and militarization; Comparative and "entangled" histories
Amrita Chakrabarti MyersAmrita Chakrabarti Myers
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 733
(812) 855-2030
Black women; African American history; 19th-century U.S.; The old South; Social history; Race, gender, sexuality and violence; Freedom and citizenship
John Nieto-PhillipsJohn Nieto-Phillips
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 818
(812) 855-3642
U.S. Latina/o histories and cultures; Americanization in Puerto Rico and New Mexico; Seminar on History of Latinas/os in the United States; Latinos and the American Dream: Frist-Person Narratives of Migration and Community
Scott O'BryanScott O'Bryan
Associate Professor
Goodbody Hall, Rm. 332, Ballantine Hall, Rm. 737
(812) 855 2454
Intellectual history of poltical-economics; Cultural, intellectual, and environmental history of modern Japan
Roberta PergherRoberta Pergher
Assistant Professor
BH 724
Modern Europe with an emphasis on Italy and Germany; Fascism; Imperialism; Migration and settlement; Borderlands; Comparative and transnational history
Eric RobinsonEric Robinson
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 730
(812) 855-1745
Archaic and Classical Greece; Democracy; Political and military history
Julia RoosJulia Roos
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 715
(812) 855-1682
Modern Europe and Germany; Women and gender; Sexuality; Social, political, and cultural history; Propaganda
Mark RosemanMark Roseman
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 732
(812) 855-8325
History of the Holocaust; 20th-century German history; European post-1945 reconstruction; Comparative history, including German-Japanese comparisons
Tatiana SaburovaTatiana Saburova
Visiting Professor
Kaya SahinKaya Sahin
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 814
The institutional and ideological foundations of the Ottoman imperial praxis; Comparative studies of early modern Eurasian empires; Ottoman and modern Turkish historiography; The Ottoman-Safavid rivalry; Inter-cultural and inter-religious exchanges in early modern Eurasia
Eric SandweissEric Sandweiss
Professor and Carmony Chair
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 822
(812) 855-0210
Cultural landscape studies; Urban history; Architecture; Public history and museums; Visual culture; American popular music; Indiana
Jonathan SchlesingerJonathan Schlesinger
Assistant Professor
BH 835
China and Inner Asia; Environmental history; Early modern empires; Race and ethnicity; Commodities and consumption
Robert A. SchneiderRobert A. Schneider
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 808
(812) 855-7438 (Ballantine), (812) 855-0027 (AHR)
Early Modern Europe; Ancien Régime France; Cultural history
Micol SeigelMicol Seigel
Associate Professor
Memorial East M31
Leah ShopkowLeah Shopkow
Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 718
(812) 855-1938
Medieval intellectual and cultural history; Historiography; History Pedagogy
Christina SnyderChristina Snyder
Thomas Milton Miller and Kathryn Owens Miller Associate Professor of History
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 828
(812) 855-2287
Native America; Early America; 19th Century North America; American South; Slavery and Race
Rebecca SpangRebecca Spang
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 711
(812) 855-2437
Cultural history and social/economic theory; Modern Europe; France, 1715-present
Fei Hsien WangFei Hsien Wang
Assistant Professor
BH 834
Modern China; history of piracy and intellectual property right; history of books, law and economic life; history of East Asian housewives
Jakobi WilliamsJakobi Williams
Associate Professor
Memorial Hall, Rm M31
African American History; 20th Century United States History; Black Panther Party; Black Power/Civil rights movement
Ellen WuEllen Wu
Associate Professor
BH 826
20th Century United States History; Asian American History; Race and Ethnicity; Citizenship; Migration; Chinese diaspora
Mirjam ZadoffMirjam Zadoff
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 827
Cultural and Intellectual History; Love and Courtship; Migration; Jews and the Left; Biography; History of Space
Noam ZadoffNoam Zadoff
Assistant Professor
BH 708
Intellectual and Cultural History of the State of Israel; Zionism and Zionist Thought; Life and Work of Gershom Scholem; Environmental History and History of Emotions; Post-War European History

Adjunct Faculty

  Faculty Member Contact Research Areas
Stephen AndrewsStephen Andrews
Adjunct Professor
1215 Atwater Avenue
(812) 855-3980
19th century U.S. social and intellectual; literature and popular culture; religion
Christopher P. AtwoodChristopher P. Atwood
Adjunct Associate Professor
Goodbody Hall 157
Historiography of Mongol empire and post-imperial Mongols, Inner Mongolian nationalism, social history of Central Eurasian nomads
Cynthia J. BannonCynthia J. Bannon
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 554
(812) 855-6651
Roman Law; Roman History; Latin Prose
Keith BartonKeith Barton

Domenico Bertoloni MeliDomenico Bertoloni Meli
GB 130
History of science and medicine from the Renaissance to the early 19th century
Purnima BosePurnima Bose
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 431
(812) 855-5334
Post-colonial studies; Indian and Irish nationalism; Indian diaspora; globalization
Gardner BovingdonGardner Bovingdon
Adjunct Associate Professor
GB 344
Brett BowlesBrett Bowles
Adjunct Associate Professor
BH 642
James CapshewJames Capshew
Adjunct Associate Professor
Goodbody Hall, Rm. 125
(812) 855-3655
History of American science and learning; Psychology in conceptual, social, and institutional context; History and culture of Indiana University; Biography of Herman B Wells
Matthew ChristMatthew Christ
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 548
(812) 855-6651
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 548 (812) 855-6651 Athenian Legal and Social History; Greek Historiography; Greek Rhetoric and Oratory
Lessie Jo FrazierLessie Jo Frazier
Adjunct Associate Professor
Memorial Hall West, Rm M08
(812) 856-0402
Latin America; Political culture; Gender and sexuality
Constance FureyConstance Furey
Adjunct Associate Professor
Sycamore Hall, Rm. 227
(812) 855-6678
Christianity in the Renaissance and Reformation; Friendship and community formation; Devotional poetry; Gender, religion, and subjectivity
Luis GonzalezLuis Gonzalez
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Library, Rm. E660
(812) 855-7416
Brazil; Latin American social, legal, agrarian history; Library research methods
Sarah ImhoffSarah Imhoff
Adjunct Assistant Professor
SY 223
American Jewish History: Gender and Judaism; Jews and Race; American Religions; Feminist and Queer Theory and Religion
Colin JohnsonColin Johnson
Adjunct Associate Professor
Memorial Hall West, Mezzanine 10
(812) 855-6702
19th- and 20th-Century U.S. Social and Cultural History; LGBTQ History/History of Gender and Sexuality; Rural Social and Cultural History; History of Agriculture and the Environment
Edward LazzeriniEdward Lazzerini
Adjunct Professor
Goodbody Hall, Rm. 348
(812) 856-0671
Eurasian commentary traditions; intellectual developments within Turkic communities of Central Eurasia, 18th-20th centuries; Comparative study of early modern empires (Russian, Chinese, Ottoman, and Spanish)
Tim LovelaceTim Lovelace
Adjunct Assistant Professor
School of Law 243
Kevin W. MartinKevin W. Martin
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Goodbody Hall 241
(812) 856-6861
Cultural history of the modern Middle East, 20th-century history of the Arab East (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq), collective identities, popular media
Eden MedinaEden Medina
Adjunct Associate Professor
Informatics West, Room 305
(812) 856-1871
History of Technology ; Science and Technology studies (STS); Modern Latin American history; Technology and Human Rights
Ajay MehrotraAjay Mehrotra
Adjunct Professor
Law School, Rm. 261
(812) 855-7443
U.S. legal, political, economic history
Patrick MichelsonPatrick Michelson
Adjunct Assistant Professor
SY 230
Jason MokhtarianJason Mokhtarian
SY 334
Kathleen MyersKathleen Myers
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 804
(812) 855-9194
Colonial Spanish American literature; 16th- and 17th-century Hispanic women writers
William NewmanWilliam Newman
Adjunct Professor
Goodbody Hall, Rm. 109
(812) 855-3071
Europe and America; Medieval and early modern science; History and philosophy of science
Toivo RaunToivo Raun
Adjunct Professor
Goodbody Hall, Rm. 234
(812) 855-4907
Baltic and Finnish history
Michael RobinsonMichael Robinson
Adjunct Professor
Goodbody Hall, Rm. 227
(812) 855-3635
Intellectual history of modern Korea and Japan; Colonialism; Popular culture; Nationalism
Richard RubingerRichard Rubinger
Adjunct Professor
Goodbody Hall, Rm. 345
(812) 855-4407
Tokugawa and Meiji Japan social; Japanese education and literacy; Western science in 19th-century Japan: East Asian Languages and Cultures
Ron SelaRon Sela
Adjunct Associate Professor
Goodbody Hall, Rm. 141
(812) 856-7017
History and historiography of Islamic Central Asia, 16th-20th c.; Central Asia's Role in the History of the Muslim World; Apocryphal Traditions in Central Asia and the Middle East; Turkic and Iranian Identities in Central Asia
Carl WeinbergCarl Weinberg
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ballantine Hall, Rm. 306
Modern social and political history; Antievolutionism; Labor history; Social movements; History and philosophy of science; The meat industry
David ZaretDavid Zaret
Adjunct Professor
Ballantine Hall, 842A
(812) 855-3430
Comparative-Historical Sociology; Early-Modern Britain