Department of History

Steven M. Stowe

  • Professor, Department of History


  • Ph.D. at State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1979

Contact Information

Ballantine Hall, Rm. 824
(812) 855-6290


Steven M. Stowe

I am a historian of the American South, with interests in southern regional identity as it appears in social relations, cultural practices, and the ways in which people write about these things. I study and teach about how the South’s past is made up from both imagination and events, taking shape in texts that have become part of the South’s history and sense of history. In my work on family life and gender, and on illness and care-giving, I have been interested in how the South’s history of regionalism, race, and self-consciousness has shaped not only classic texts, but also the words and experiences of ordinary Americans.

Research Interests

  • The U.S. South: cultural and social
  • History of American medicine and health
  • Historical writing and historical practice

Courses Recently Taught

  • U.S. South before the Civil War
  • American Civil War: Culture and Society
  • Writing the South
  • The Practice of Medicine: the Nineteenth Century
  • Illness, Care, and Medical Texts

Publication Highlights


Doctoring the South: Southern Physicians and Everyday Medicine in the Mid-Nineteenth Century. Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina Press, 2004.

[Edited] A Southern Practice: the Diary and Autobiography of Charles A. Hentz, M.D. Charlottesville: The University Press of Virginia, 2000.

Intimacy and Power in the Old South: Ritual in the Lives of the Planters. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1987.