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African slave trade map

African slave trade map.

Black loyalists

Black loyalists.

Niger woman

Niger woman.

African Diaspora History

The history of African peoples, on the continent and around the world, is one the most fascinating and fastest-growing areas of historical inquiry. Focusing on transnational connections, cultural encounters and productions, and interdisciplinary analysis, the African Diaspora field offers an array of courses, faculty expertise, and research experiences for students interested in this burgeoning area of study.

After choosing a major geographic focus (i.e., United States, Africa, Latin America, Asia, etc.), graduate students are free to put together a program of study that best suits their intellectual and professional goals. Common thematic foci of students majoring in the African Diaspora include gender, labor systems, cultural representations, political history, and comparative slave societies. Students are also required to select an outside minor in a disciplinary field that complements their work in the History Department. Importantly, the outside minor allows students the opportunity to interact with faculty and students in an array of other programs, including African Studies, African American and African Diaspora Studies, American Studies, and Caribbean and Latin American Studies, as well as other traditional disciplines (e.g., political science, folklore, anthropology, sociology, etc.).

At the center of African Diaspora field are a host of faculty members whose teaching and research interests span a wide range of geographic, chronological, and thematic specializations.

Affiliated Faculty

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