Department of History
U.S. Constitution

U.S. Constitution.

First Prayer in Congress

First Prayer in Congress.

Woman and Industry (Depression)

Woman and Industry (Depression).

Railroad (Depression)

Railroad (Depression).

Native Americans

Native Americans.

Mexican Americans

Mexican Americans.

Nixon and Elvis

Nixon and Elvis.

United States History

With 19 full-time professors and a robust selection of courses, U.S. history is the largest field of specialty offered by IU’s History Department. Students of U.S. history at Indiana examine a rich mix of topics, ideas, and literatures. In addition to their chosen focus in the history of the United States, many take advantage of the department’s strengths in fields ranging from Latin American, African American, and European history to such thematic topics as the history of gender and sexuality, medicine, or law. The outside minor option also allows graduate students in U.S. History to pursue serious work in related disciplines such as English, Sociology, Folklore, and Political Science.

Because there is no single “correct” way to study U.S. history, our program has been designed to incorporate the diverse strengths of both the department and the University in the scholarly preparation of a diverse mix of graduate and undergraduate students.

Affiliated Faculty


A100 24054  Introduction to Latino History
A200 26131  Gay Histories/Queer Cultures
A222 26200  Law in America
A309 26204  The American South Before the Civil War
A313 21524  Origins of Modern America 1865-1917
A356 27692  Survey of African American History: Since 1865
A369 23719  Old South: New Directions in Race, Class and Gender
A383 26205  Ragtime to Rap 
H105 17527  American History I
H106 17542  American History II
H593 26261  Teaching U.S. History
H650 17565  Across the Century to War: Antebellum U.S.
H650 17566  Early America
H750 17570  Seminar in U.S. History
J300 21577  Marriage and the American Nation
J300 23333  Readings in Contemporary American Religion and Culture
J400 17579  History in Public

For information on our Graduate program requirements and guidelines see the “Guide to Graduate Study in History”, “Graduate School Bulletin” and the “Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Guidelines”.