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Bloomington to host the conference “Beyond the Racial State”

This three day international conference, for which co-organizer Mark Roseman raised almost $30,000 of external funding as well as gaining support from Jewish Studies, CAHI, WEST and OVPIA, has drawn experts from Austria, Germany, UK, Canada as well as the USA. It is the first major event in recent years to challenge the orthodoxy that the Third Reich was a “Racial State”. From a variety of perspectives, participants will question the function, authenticity, clarity and appeal of Nazi concepts of race. Anyone who would like to attend the sessions should contact Mark Roseman. For full aims and line-up of the Conference, click here

IU launches Indiana History Web Site

More than a century's worth of scholarship on Indiana history is now available on a free, searchable Web site created by the Indiana University Digital Library Program and the Indiana Magazine of History.

"For the first time, readers searching for names and topics in Indiana history can go directly to the pages of the magazine where those topics appear," says Indiana University Associate Professor Eric Sandweiss, editor of the magazine. "With the new online version, a reader can locate, study, and print even the most obscure references with the touch of a computer key." Full Story

Immigration: Insights from Indiana University

Indiana University professors of law, education and history offer their insights into the national debate about immigration and the need for reform. Full Story

Insecure borders and illegal immigration

States across the country are considering legislation designed to clamp down on illegal immigrants by denying them and their children health care, education or driver's licenses. Such laws merely create a category of people known as "illegals" whose labor is valued but whose humanity, cultural capital and well-being are not, according to John Nieto-Phillips, associate professor of history and Latino studies at Indiana University Bloomington. Full Story

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