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November 21, 2014

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John Bodnar’s lecture on “sexual freedom” in the 1950s will air on American History TV (C-Span 3) Saturday, Nov. 22nd at 8 pm and at midnight. A podcast will be available for downloading from iTunes. The lecture was recorded in Bloomington in the course on “American Dreams: Elvis to Springsteen” in September, 2014.

On Monday, November 10, Konstantin Dierks gave a talk at the Monroe County History Center in Bloomington, entitled “Globalization of the United States, 1789-1861”. He gave a talk on Tuesday, November 18 at the Lilly Library for this year’s Themester. It is entitled: “Globalization of American Cuisine: Women as Agents of Historical Change”

On November 8th, Colin Johnson delivered a paper entitled “Creature Comforts: Interspecies Solidarity in an Unfriendly World” at the annual meeting of the American Studies Association in Los Angeles, CA. On November 16th, he delivered a paper entitled “The Ghosts of Departed Intimacies: Envisioning a Queer Past in the Photography of Mike Disfarmer,” at the annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association in Atlanta, GA. During the spring 2015 term, Colin will be Visiting Professor in the Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies at McGill University in Montreal.

Alex Lichtenstein presented a paper entitled “Citizens, not Subjects: Spatial Segregation and the Making of Durban’s African Working Class" to the 2014-2015 Mellon Sawyer Seminar at Carnegie Mellon University, “The Ghetto: Concept, Conditions, and Connections in Transnational Historical Perspective."

Marissa Moorman has joined the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of African History and the Editorial Board of Africa is a Country.

On November 15th, graduate student Alex Tipei presented a paper, "Politics in the Guise of Good Deeds: Philanthropic Organizations, the Liberal Opposition, and the 1838 Law on the Insane" at the Western Society for French History's annual conference in San Antonio, Texas.


Tuesday, December 2, 4:00-5:30 pm, IMU Oak Room

Job Talk for the second candidate in the Department of History’s Roman History search

Friday, December 5, 12:00 noon, IMU Sassafras Room

European History Workshop, Ke-Chin Hsia (IU) “Imperial Austria in World War One.” Dr. Hsia’s paper will be made available in advance. If you would like a copy and do not have access to the Workshop’s Oncourse site, please e-mail Professor Roos at

Friday, December 5, 3:00 pm, Wylie House Museum (317 E. 2nd St)

James Madison will give a talk entitled “Hoosier Pioneers.”

Tuesday, December 9, 4:00-5:30, IMU Oak Room

Job talk for the third candidate in the Department of History’s Roman History search.


Job Opening – Diplomatic History

Diplomatic History is seeking a graduate student from the IU History Department or a related department to serve as an Editorial Assistant. This half-time position (20 hours/week FTE) has a start date of January 5, 2015. An interest in transnational history and the histories of various regions and periods is desirable. Editorial Assistants read and make preliminary assessments of all incoming manuscripts, process books for review, assist in selecting referees, edit and proofread copy, record information in a computer database, and participate in editorial discussions.

Applicants should be ABD, that is, having finished their PhD qualifying exams, and have good editorial skills. A successful applicant must also have at least two semesters of G901 eligibility, as there is no fee remission with this appointment.

Compensation is currently $1,583 per month with health benefits, and it can be a ten or twelve month position. The position is renewable annually for up to three years.

Deadline for applications is Friday, December 5, 2014.

Please send a letter of application, a vita, and two letters of recommendation to:

Nick Cullather, Anne Foster, Editors
Diplomatic History
Indiana University
1217 E. Atwater Avenue
Bloomington IN 47401-3703