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How to use online journal indexes or databases:

For a quick review of how research databases work, take a look at this tutorial on Using Databases.

1. Start with American History and Life (AHL) and Historical Abstracts (HA), which will be useful for finding journal articles on almost any historical topic.  

  • AHL and HA have the same interface, so once you become familiar with one, you'll be able to use both.
  • In general, use AHL for topics in the history of North America, and HA for the rest of the world.  However, if you're researching a topic that has an international dimension, or a topic on Latin America, search both databases.
  • Use the Advanced Search screen to see all of your search options; note especially the Time Period search box.

2. You can also use Academic Search Premier (EBSCO); this is a multi-subject database including both scholarly articles and those for a general readership.  (For a review of basic searching the Academic Search Premier, see this Introduction to EBSCOhost).

3. For full-text scholarly articles, use JSTOR; this archive includes about 60 of the most important journals in history.