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How to search IUCAT:

Use the Keyword or Exact search, the default search screen.  

This type of search is useful if you know the author or title of a specific book, or if you have one source on your topic.  Look it up in IUCAT and see what subject headings are included in the item record.  Clicking on one of these subject headings starts a search for similar items.  You can also use the Browse screen to browse subject headings.

Use keywords.  You can do a search using general keywords to get a quick idea of what's available on your topic, or you can do a more specific search using specific keywords.  In this kind of search, start with specific words and their synonyms; if you don't find sources on your topic using these specific keywords, then you should try more general ones.  This handout on Selecting Search Terms can help in this process.

Once you've discovered relevant subject headings or keywords, you can use IUCAT's Advanced Keyword search screen.  This kind of search allows you to combine subject headings and keywords, to limit your search by language, and to find materials in special formats, such as video.  You can also use Advanced Keyword searches to find primary sources on your topic, either by limiting your search results to items published in your historical period, or by including the word “sources” as a keyword.