Department of History
CSPAN in classroom

C-SPAN Visits Professor Snyder's Classroom

C-SPAN recently visited and taped a lecture in Professor Christina Snyder's J300, "Natives and Newcomers in Early America." C-SPAN was interested in filming the lecture as part of a forthcoming series on lectures in American history from a variety of academic institutions across the nation.

Snyder's course examines the arrival of diverse groups of people in early American and the exchanges of goods, culture, knowledge and disease between newcomers and native groups. Students prepared for the lecture by reading three primary source documents from the period; the class then engaged in a discussion with Professor Snyder about what historians can learn from the documents and their differing perspectives.

Snyder said that although C-SPAN offered to angle the cameras to avoid filming students who might be uncomfortable in the spotlight, none of the seventeen students chose this route. Most, she said, "seemed enthusiastic…leading to a particularly good discussion." For her own part, Snyder said she noticed the cameras initially, but soon largely forgot about them as the discussion progressed.