Department of History
Anna Muller

IU Student Curates Holocaust Exhibit

Anna Muller who completed her graduate study in history at IU has begun applying her knowledge to the construction of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk, Poland. The museum, which is slated to become Poland's largest historical museum, will house exhibitions on all aspects of the war in Poland's history. The construction of the museum is on track to begin this year, and should be completed by 2014. It is part of a broader museum construction project in Poland which will also create the European Solidarity Center to study the movement that brought down Communism in Poland, and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Anna is part of a team specifically charged with creating exhibitions on the Holocaust, concentration camps, forced labor and eugenics. Anna is also hoping to include information about the fate of children and adolescents during and after the war. The task before her is not easy. "The biggest challenge of working for the museum," she says, "is that you have to begin thinking about how to display history: no matter how great your sources are, they may be difficult to use if you cannot display them in an interesting and informative fashion. You have to translate your sources into a more visual language." Still, Anna—whose graduate research at IU focused on female political prisoners and the ways in which individuals deal with political oppression—says that she was well prepared for the task. Primarily, she says, because "IU helped me think creatively about the world around me."