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Democracy Beyond Athens

Robinson publishes new book on ancient Greek democracy

A new book by Eric Robinson explores the history of democracy in ancient Greece beyond the confines of Athens.  Published by Cambridge University Press, Democracy Beyond Athens: Popular Government in the Greek Classical Age studies the nature of democratic government in the first era of world history in which it becomes relatively common.  By focusing not just on the well-known case of Athens, but also on less famous city-states scattered all across the Greek world, the book breaks new ground in the constitutional history of ancient Greece.  Robinson identifies where and when democratic governments established themselves, and explains why democracy spread to many parts of Greece in this period (480 - 323 BCE).

Robinson says, “Democratic government is one of the greatest legacies of the Greeks. By comprehensively presenting its story in the world’s first democratic era, I hope to advance our knowledge of both Greek history and the history of democracy generally.”