Department of History

Academic Advising

If you would like assistance putting together a major in history, please make an appointment by sending an email message to Undergraduate History Advisor . He can provide assistance with a wide variety of curriculum and academic issues including:

  • Program and curricular planning
  • Course recommendation and selection
  • Academic preparedness and curriculum enhancement
  • Career counseling and post-graduation advice
  • General graduate school information
  • History Major and Minor requirements
  • Filing for the Major
  • Overseas Study Forms
  • Course equivalency and the petition process
  • Interpreting B.A. degree “rules and regulations”
  • Referrals for additional assistance

Useful Quick Links for Our Majors

Summer 2013 - Present History Major Requirements (PDF)

Summer 2004 - Spring 2013 History Major Requirements (PDF)

Faculty Mentor Program

Course Equivalency Petition (PDF)

Overseas Study Course Syllabus Worksheet (PDF)