Department of History

Haroon Anwar

Haroon Anwar I originally started out my IU career with a major in Political Science, but not long after, I realized that Political Science was much too theoretical for my taste. I chose to switch to History because I wanted to learn about the world in a more substantive way. I wanted to know what, how, and why events in history occurred, so I could form my own opinions and theories. History was the perfect major for this task and much more. Not only did I expand my knowledge of the world, I improved my reading, writing, and analytical skills. These are all skills that served me well throughout my IU career.

The skills I developed from my major in History helped me win the John W. Foster Award for the best essay in political and diplomatic history. However, my use of these skills has hardly been limited to only the field of History. I was able to win an award from the Department of Economics for best undergraduate paper at the Jordan River Economic Conference. Outside of academia, I was able to use these skills as an intern with the United States Department of Commerce. Most importantly, my major in History helped me attain the skills necessary to obtain admission to law school at IU Bloomington.

Overall, if you are interested in a challenging major that will expand your intellectual horizons, History will be the perfect major for you. It will immerse you in the storybook that is history and allow your mind and imagination to run wild. Furthermore, History will develop the reading, writing, and analytical skills that all employers and graduate programs look for.