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Lucy Frick

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Lucy Frick
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Honors Requirements

"Really important - the best thing I did as a history major."

"It taught me how to think and write, and I know I'm going to have to do both for a career that's going to satisfy."

"I learned a lot from working one-on-one with my advisor - she taught me how to do history up close and on my own."

These are just a few of the comments students have made about the honors program in history. Honors is a way for talented undergraduates to explore for themselves the practice of history. Students design, research, and write their own project in history, and the possibilities are almost limitless. You have plenty of help along the way, with honors courses and a faculty honors advisor.

Along with the satisfaction of completing your project is the distinction of having departmental honors noted on your B.A. transcript -- a distinction noted by employers and graduate school admissions officers in search of first-rate students.

Major Requirements: