Department of History
J300 Seminar

Participants from Professor Arlene Díaz and Professor Nick Cullatherís J300 and J400 seminars held April 2005.


What is the J300 writing-intensive junior seminar?

J300 is an introductory seminar for History majors and other students intended to teach historical skills, particularly research and analytical skills. In this course students will work intensively on their writing as well. It should prepare students for the challenges of the J400 seminar for seniors in which they will produce a major research paper.

    In this seminar:
  • Students will write at least 7,500 words or 30 pages, not counting revisions (and excluding essay examinations and informal writing, e.g., journals or brief response statements).
  • Students will receive periodic evaluations of their writing, and will be required to redraft one or more papers in light of the instructor’s criticism.
  • Students will engage in discussion of topics under consideration

This course differs from a J400 seminar in that it is designated as writing-intensive, so that assignments must conform to the requirements for writing-intensive courses. More historical skills will be taught and fewer assumed than in a J400, and the long paper is less extensive than would be the case in a J400 seminar.