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A Breath of Fireproof Air?
- October 2013

The Washington Toxics Coalition featured new research from the Hites Lab from the Great Lakes area indicating organophosphate flame retardants are significantly polluting the air.

US study raises questions over organophosphate persistence
- October 2013

Flame retardants in consumer products are linked to health and cognitive problems - April 2013

Tree bark shows global spread of toxic chemicals
- March 2013

Voice of America featured Dr. Ronald A. Hites and Dr. Amina Salamova in a brief video on the novel technique used by the Hites lab to measure the presence and concentration of flame retardant chemicals in the air, by sampling the bark of trees.

Study finds flame retardant
pollutants at far-flung locations - January 2013

Alternative flame retardants detected in outdoor air
- October 2013

Finding Pollutants In Tree Bark - January 2013


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