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A4 References

A4 References

Linguist List, mailing list and other resources for linguists
Ethnologue, database of all of the world's known languages (6,809!)
American Dialect Society, the academic association concerned with the study of the English language in North America
American dialect links: links to sites concerned with American English dialects (Note: Many of the sites are not at all scholarly, but still interesting sources of data. And some links are dead.)
Two sites concerned with endangered languages: Terralingua and the Foundation for Endangered Languages
ASL Browser, an online American Sign Language dictionary, complete with movies of the signs
Beginning Guide to ASL: links to lots of information about American Sign Language
Voice of America Language Sites, news from the VOA in about 50 different languages
Downloadable phonetic fonts from the Summer Institute of Linguistics
A paper by the famous sociolinguist William Labov on the dramatic changes going on in the vowels of many Americans
"Committing to an ontology", a paper on the shape bias and related issues by Eliana Colunga and Linda B. Smith of Indiana University.
Estuary English: very useful and informative site by a phonetician and expert on English accents about Estuary English, which some people believe is becoming the new standard accent of England

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