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Chow Bar 

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Great Wall Restaurant 10% off
Luca Pizza di Roma  

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Noodle Town    

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Sunny Palace    10% off, cash only
Taste of India 10% off, cash only
Turkuaz Café  5% off
Red Chopsticks

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Auto Service:

All Road Motosports 10% off



About HKSA

The Hong Kong Students' Association at Indiana University Bloomington was established to serve the Hong Kong community and promote Hong Kong to the vast population around the IUB campus. Not only do we focus on helping the newcomers adapting to the American lifestyle, we also aim at helping every Hong Kong student to enrich their experience here at IU. Moreover, we desire to strengthen ties among our members and alumni, as well as to serve those who are interested in Hong Kong culture - we are here to provide a helping hand to the Hong Kong community and to share with people our unique heritage which we are absolutely proud of.

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