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The Hadronic Physics Group
at Indiana University

A Lattice QCD calculation showing that color field energy is localized in a "flux tube" between separated quarks. GlueX at Jefferson Lab will search for excitations of this flux tube.
(Image by D. Leinweber)

Research Overview

The Hadronic Physics group research is focused on understanding the spectrum of light quark mesons. In particular, we are searching for the gluonic degrees of freedom in this spectrum. This experimental information is a key ingredient in obtaining a quantitative understanding of the confinement mechanism in QCD. Recent theoretical advances in QCD and in particular Lattice QCD make it possible now to predict the masses of gluonic excitations.

Our research is supported by the DOE Office of Nuclear Physics and College of Arts & Sciences and the Office of the Vice-President for Research at IU.

We also collaborates closely with Prof. Adam Szczepaniak and his students from the Nuclear Theory Center and with Prof. Geoffrey Fox who heads the Community Grids Lab of IU's Pervasive Technology Lab.

Hadronic Physics Group Research is Ongoing
at these Experimental Facilities

GlueX at JLab


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