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Our Department was founded in 1960 by Ed Grant and the late N. R. Hanson and has been devoted to using a wide variety of historical and philosophical approaches to understand one of the most important conceptual and cultural enterprises of the modern world—science. We also have a long-standing tradition of teaching and research in the history and philosophy of medicine, and recently added "Medicine" to our name. We consider this tradition, and its integration with the history and philosophy of science, a vital and continuing part of our mission.

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1. To Jutta Schickore, on her $20,000 IU CAHI award for her project "Causes, Control, and Complexity: Matters of experimentation in late 19th-century science".
2. To Amit Hagar, on his $30,000 IU OVPR FRSP Seed Award for his project on Muscular Endurance and Solid Tumor Progression.
3. To Nick Zautra, for winning the 2017 Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Instructor Award for Teaching Excellence.

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