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Indiana University Bloomington

Areas of Study » Biological Sciences

Sander GliboffSander Gliboff
History of Biology; Science in modern Germany and Austria; Heredity and Evolution
Elisabeth LloydElisabeth Lloyd
Biology, Models

Rudolf RaffRudolf Raff
Adjunct Professor
Department of Biology

Myers Hall 102A
Evolutionary developmental biology; Evolution of early development; Larval origins; How embryos fossilize.

Jutta SchickoreJutta Schickore

Director of Graduate Studies

Life Sciences, Scientific Practice, History of Philosophy of Science
Michael WadeMichael Wade
Adjunct Professor
Department of Biology
Jordan Hall 131C
Evolution in Metapopulations; Genetic basis of speciation in Tribolium; Epistasis; Evolutionary genetics of maternal effects; Sexual selection and alternative male mating strategies; Coevolution of arthropod hosts and Wolbachia endosymbionts