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Indiana University Bloomington

Areas of Study » Modern & Contemporary

James CapshewJames Capshew

University Historian

Psychology, American Science and Learning
Jordi CatJordi Cat

Physics, Unity of Science, History of Philosophy of Science, Visual and Material Culture and Cognition, Application of Mathematics

Sander GliboffSander Gliboff
History of Biology; Science in modern Germany and Austria; Heredity and Evolution

Amit HagarAmit Hagar
Department Chair

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Statistical & Quantum Mechanics, Time, Quantum Information & Computing, Biophysical Modeling of Cancer
Christoph IrmscherChristoph Irmscher
Adjunct Professor
Department of English
Ballantine 417
nineteenth-century American and Canadian literature and culture
Elisabeth LloydElisabeth Lloyd
Biology, Models

David McCartyDavid McCarty
Adjunct Professor
Department of Philosophy

Sycamore Hall 121
Foundations of mathematics and logic, early analytical philosophy, and on the history of mathematics and logic
Eden MedinaEden Medina
Adjunct Associate Professor
School of Informatics and Computing
Informatics West 305
the relationship of technological innovation and political innovation

Jutta SchickoreJutta Schickore

Director of Graduate Studies

Life Sciences, Scientific Practice, History of Philosophy of Science