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Indiana University Bloomington

Departmental Prizes, Awards, Honors

The department makes four awards to graduate students. This page provides descriptions of each and lists of previous prizewinners.

The Victor E. Thoren Graduate Student Research Fellowship

The Victor E. Thoren Graduate Student Research Fellowship is the oldest and most prestigious Departmental award. Named in honor of the late Professor Victor E. Thoren (1935-1991) and endowed by family and friends, it is awarded by the faculty to an exceptional student near the conclusion of their graduate career. It carries a $1,000 stipend. Professor Thoren received his PhD in History and Philosophy of Science at Indiana University in 1965 and served on the faculty from 1964-1991. He was the author of The Lord of Uraniborg: A Biography of Tycho Brahe (Cambridge, 1991).

Previous Thoren Fellowship recipients:

  • 1992 James E. Voekel
  • 1993 Peter J. Ramberg
  • 1994 Karen A. Rader
              William Tammone
  • 1995 Alice D. Dreger
  • 1996 Judith Johns Schloegel
  • 1997 Brad D. Hume
  • 1998 Elizabeth Green Musselman
  • 1999 H. Darrel Rutkin
  • 2000 Paul Pojman
  • 2001 James M. Mattingly
  • 2002 Scott Tanona
  • 2003 Mary Domski
              Rasmus Winther
  • 2004 Narisara Murray
  • 2005 Matthew Adamson
  • 2006 no award
  • 2007 Melinda Fagan
  • 2008 S. Brian Hood

Mikal Lynn Sousa Award for Excellence in Graduate Scholarship

This award was established by Alice D. Dreger (HPSC Ph.D. 1995) and Aron Conrad Sousa in memory of Mr. Sousa's sister, Mikal Lynn Sousa, in 1996. It is presented to a woman graduate student, studying in History and Philosophy of Science or History, for outstanding academic work. From Spring 2007 it carries a stipend of $750.

Previous Sousa Award recipients:

  • 1996 Valentina Kiyoko Tikoff (HIST)
  • 1997 Elizabeth Joann Green (HPSC)
  • 1998 Lynn Mary Sargeant (HIST)
  • 1999 Dana Michelle Ohren (HIST)
  • 2000 Jane Kathryn Wickersham (HIST)
  • 2001 Nicole Christine Howard (HPSC)
  • 2002 Narisara Murray (HPSC)
  • 2003 Mary Domski (HPSC)
  • 2004 Gwen Moore (HIST)
  • 2005 Rebecca Willis (HPSC)
  • 2006 Melinda Fagan (HPSC)
  • 2008 Karin Ekholm (HPSC)

Norwood Russell Hanson Prize for Outstanding Graduate Student Papers

The Norwood R. Hanson Prize for outstanding graduate student papers is awarded annually by the Department faculty. Students are encouraged to submit their work to the Director of Graduate Studies by April 1. The prize recipients give a lecture in the Department's colloquium series.

Previous Prizewinners:

  • 1997-98 Judith Johns
  • 1998-99 Eric Winsberg
  • 1999-2000 Darrel Rutkin, Nicole Howard
  • 2000-01 Scott Tanona
  • 2001-02 Kevin Grau, Rasmus Winther
  • 2002-03 Zachary Jenkins, Mary Domski
  • 2003-04 no award
  • 2004-05 Melinda Fagan
  • 2005-06 no award
  • 2006-07 Evan Ragland
  • 2007-08 Matthew Dunn

Richard S. Westfall Fellowship for Graduate Student Research Travel

Through the generosity of the family and friends of Richard S. (Sam) Westfall (1924-1996), a distinguished contributor to the history of science as well as to life in the Department, the faculty manages the Richard S. Westfall Fellowship for graduate student research travel. Graduate students in history and philosophy of science are encouraged to apply to help defray expenses associated with off-campus research. The faculty may make two awards of $500 each, or a single award of $1,000 Meticulous documentation of expenses is required.

The deadline is October 1st.

Previous Fellowship recipients:

  • 1999-2000 Mark Borrello, Nicole Howard
  • 2004-2005 Melinda Fagan
  • 2005-2006 Rebecca Willis, Matthew Dunn
  • 2006-2007 Brian Hood
  • 2007-2008 Karin Ekholm, Grant Goodrich