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Indiana University Bloomington

News and Events

Congratualtions to Collin Allen on his 3-year Templeton Grant on the Evolution of Human Cognition. Details here

Congratulations to Chris ChoGluck on winning the prestigious NSF Dissertation Fellowship

Congratulations to Bill Newman on his NSF grant for the Newton Chemistry Project

Klodian Coko has accepted an offer for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2016-17) at the Edelstein Center for HPS at Jerusalem

Chris Stiso, a Master student, has accepted an offer for a PhD program at the University of Calgary

To Amit Hagar, for his part as a co-investigator in an NIH R01 US$ 2MIL 4-year grant for the Biocomplexity Institute at the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering

To Jutta Schickore, for her Proceton’s IAS fellowship for 2017-18