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Indiana University Bloomington


PhD Degree in HPSC

Date of Degree Name Current Position Advisor(s) Dissertation Title
2017 Ashley Inglehart   William Newman Seminal Ideas: The Forces of Generation for Robert Boyle and His Contemporaries
2015 Klodian Coko Postdoctoral Fellow, Rotman Institute, Western University Canada Jutta Schickore The Structure and Epistemological Implications of Triangulations in Empirical Science
2015 Scott Hyslop   Domenico Bertoloni Meli The Mathematics of Collision and the Collision of Mathematics in the 17th Century
2014 Tawrin Baker Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh William Newman Color Cosmos Oculus: Vision, Color, and the Eye in Jacopo Zabarella and Hieronymus Fabricius ab Aquapendente
2014 Stephen Friesen   Jordi Cat and Jutta Schickore Evolution, Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology: A Study of Place
2014 Joel Klein Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University William Newman Chymical Medicine, Corpuscularism and Controversy: A Study of Daniel Sennert's Works and Letters
2014 Jun Otsuka Associate professor, Philosophy Department, Kobe University, Japan Elisabeth Lloyd The Causal Structure of Evolutionary Theory
2013 R. Allen Shotwell Academic Dean/Professor, Ivy Tech Community College Domenico Bertoloni Meli The Revival of Anatomical Practices and Techniques in the Renaissance
2012 Evan Ragland Assistant Professor, Notre Dame Domenico Bertoloni Meli Experimenting with Chemical Bodies: Science, Medicine, and Philosophy in the Long History of Reinier de Graaf’s Experiments on Digestion, from Harvey to Bernard
2011 Karin Ekholm Assistant Professor at St. Johns, Annapolis, MD Domenico Bertoloni Meli Generation and its Problems: Harvey, Highmore, and their Contemporaries
2011 Andrew Fiss Assistant professor at Michigan Tech Sander Gliboff Professing Mathematics: Science and Education in Nineteenth-Century America
2011 Larry Glass  Independent Scholar – Consulting on Newton Project Amit Hagar Constructing the Principles: Method and Metaphysics in the Process of Theoretical Physics
2011 Grant Goodrich Visiting Assistant Professor at the Citadel Colin Allen On The Attribution of Concepts to Animals 
2011 Cesare Pastorino Postdoctoral Fellow, Berlin Center for the History of Knowledge
Zentrum für Wissensgeschichte, Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin
William Newman Weighing Experience:  Francis Bacon, The Inventions Of The Mechanical Arts, and The Emergence Of Modern Experiment
2010 Koray Karaca Assistant Professor, University of Twente, The Netherlands Jordi Cat Historical and Conceptual Foundations of the Higher Dimensional Unification Program in Physics
2010 Rebecca Willis Klein Independent Scholar – Kelly School of Business, IUB Dror Wahrman Amid Holy sites and Ancient Marvels: Science and Empire in the Near East, c. 1650-1790
2010 Sean Valles Assistant Professor, Michigan State University Elisabeth Lloyd Explaining the Evolution of Common Genetic Disease
2008 Hood, Brian Assistant Professor, University of West Florida Colin Allen Latent Variable Realism in Psychometrics
2007 Fagan, Melinda Assistant Professor, Rice University Elisabeth Lloyd Objectivity in practice: integrative social epistemology of scientific inquiry
2006 Lee, Jeongmin (Jude) Independent Scholar Jordi Cat Bohr vs. Bohm: Interpreting Quantum Theory through the Philosophical Tradition
2005 Abidin, Zainal Assistant Professor, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia Michael Friedman Science and Metaphysics: A Methodological Investigation
2005 Schloegel, Judith Independent Scholar Sander Gliboff Intimate Biology: Herbert Spencer Jennings, Tracy Sonneborn and the Career of American Protozoan Genetics
2005 Adamson, Matthew Assistant Professor, McDaniel College, Budapest; Editorial Assistant, The Hungarian Quarterly, Budapest James Capshew Commissariat of the Atom: The Expansion of the French Nuclear Complex, 1945–1960
2004 Murray, Narisara Independent Scholar in Cambodia Thomas Gieryn Lives of the Zoo: Charismatic Animals in the Social Worlds of the Zoological Gardens of London 1850-1897
2003 Winther, Rasmus Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz Elisabeth Lloyd Formal Biology and Compositional Biology as Two Kinds of Biological Theorizing
2003 Howard, Nicole Associate Professor,
Eastern Oregon University
Domenico Bertoloni Meli Christiaan Huygens: The Construction of Texts and Audiences
2003 Domski, Mary Professor, University of New Mexico Michael Friedman Geometry and Experimental Method in Locke, Newton and Kant
2003 Daniel, Dane Associate Professor, Wright State University William R. Newman Paracelsus' Astronomia Magna (1537/38): Bible-Based Science and the Religious Roots of the Scientific Revolution
2002 Borrello, Mark Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Frederick Churchill Vero Copner Wynne-Edwards and the History of Group Selection Theory
2002 Medynski, Thomas Assistant Professor, Ivy Tech Community College, Madison, IN Michael Friedman Zeeman Topologies and the Causal Theory of Spacetime
2002 Mylott, Anne independent Scholar – Monroe Hospital. Bloomington, IN Frederick Churchill The Roots of Cell Theory in Sap, Spores, and Schleiden
2002 Tanona, Scott Associate Professor, Kansas State University Michael Friedman From Correspondence to Complementarity: The Emergence of Bohr's Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
2002 Rutkin, H. Darrel Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno William R. Newman Astrology, Natural Philosophy and the History of Science, c. 1250-1700: Studies Toward an Interpretation of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola's Disputationes Adversus Astrologiam Divinatricem
2002 Mattingly, James Associate Professor, Georgetown University Michael Friedman Semiclassical Gravitation Theory: Why Transitional Scientific Theories are Theories
2001 Warwick, Walter Principal Systems Analyst, Micro Analysis & Design, Alion Science and Technology, Boulder, CO Michael Friedman The Conceptual Development of Nondeterminism in Theoretical Computer Science
2001 Powers, John C. Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University Richard Sorrenson Herman Boerhaave and the Pedagogical Reform of Eighteenth-Century Chemistry
2000 Hume, Brad D. Adjunct Professor, Xavier University James Capshew The Naturalization of Humanity In America, 1776-1861
2000 Burton, Dan Associate Professor, University of Northern Alabama Edward Grant Nicole Oresme's On Seeing the Stars (De Visione Stellarum): A Critical Edition of Oresme's Treatise on Optics and Atmospheric Refraction, with an Introduction, Commentary, and English Translation
2000 Pojman, Paul DECEASED Michael Friedman Ernst Mach's Biological Theory of Knowledge
2000 Tuttle, Julianne Vice President, Wyckoff NCP Inc Richard Sorrenson Humphry Davy: A Case Study in Science and Romanticism
1999 Twardy, Charles Research Fellow, Monash University, Australia Michael Friedman Causation, Causal Perception, and Conservation Laws
1999 Musselman, Elizabeth Green Associate Professor, Southwestern University Richard Sorrenson Persistence of Sight: Problems of Idiosyncratic Vision and Knowledge in British Natural Philosophy, 1780-1860
1999 Marché, Jordan D. II Independent Scholar James Capshew Theaters of Time and Space: The American Planetarium Community, 1930-1970
1999 Winsberg, Eric Assistant Professor, University of South Florida Michael Friedman Simulation and the Philosophy of Science: Computationally Intensive Studies of Complex Physical Systems
1998 Kalthoff, Mark Alan Associate Professor, Hillsdale College Frederick Churchill The New Evangelical Engagement with Science: The American Scientific Affiliation, Origin to 1963
1998 Snyder, Karen D. Attending Medical School in Texas Linda Wessels The Interpretation of the Factorizability Condition of Bell's Theorem: Implications for Locality and Causality in Quantum Mechanics
1997 Goodrum, Matthew Visiting Assistant Professor, VA Polytec Inst & St Univ Frederick Churchill The British Sea-Side Studies, 1820–1860: Marine Invertebrates, the Practice of Natural History, and the Depiction of Life in the Sea
1997 Berger, Ruth New York Michael Friedman The Dynamics of Explanation: Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Understanding
1997 Tammone, William Dean of Academic Services, Montcalm Comm. College Ann Carmichael Science in Ferment: The Doctrine of Fermentation in Seventeenth-Century British Science and Medicine
1997 Warren, Mary "Wini" Edwina Deceased Noretta Koertge Hearts and Minds: Black Women Scientists in the United States, 1900-1960
1996 Ichiye, Keiko Attorney, Baker Botts, LLP, Texas John Winnie The Hole Argument of the Substantivalism-Relationism Debate
1995 Dreger, Alice Domurat Professor, Northwestern University Medical School Churchill/Carmichael Doubtful Sex: Cases and Concepts of Hermaphroditism in France and Britain, 1868–1915
1995 Rader, Karen A. Director, STS program, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia James Capshew Making Mice: C.C. Little, the Jackson Laboratory, and the Standardization of Mus Musculus for Research
1994 Lu, Yan Richard S. Westfall The Founding of Modern Science as a Method
1994 Grandy, David Brigham Young University Linda Wessels Leo Szilard: Science as a Mode of Being
1994 Voelkel, James R. Curator of Rare Books, Chemical Heritage Foundation Edward Grant The Development and Reception of Kepler's Physical Astronomy 1593-1609
1993 Ramberg, Peter Professor, Truman State University Noretta Koertge Theory and Methodology in the Early History of Stereochemistry, 1874-1900
1993 McKinney, William J. President, Valdosta State University, Georgia Noretta Koertge Plausibility and Experiment: Investigations in the Context of Pursuit
1992 Korb, Kevin B. Reader, Monash University, Australia Noretta Koertge A Pragmatic Bayesian Platform for Automating Scientific Induction
1992 Hooper, Wallace Edd American Indian Studies & Research Inst., Indiana University Richard S. Westfall Galileo and the Problems of Motion
1992 Giunti, Marco Associate Professor, Italy John Winnie Computers, Dynamical Systems, Phenomena, and the Mind
1990 Barnes, Eric C Associate Professor, Southern Methodist University Noretta Koertge Beyond Truthlikeness: Toward a Linguistically Invariant Theory of Scientific Progress
1990 Pessoa, Osvaldo Jr. Professor, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil Linda Wessels Measurement in Quantum Physics: Experimental and Formal Approaches
1990 Meyer, Eric R. Boulder, CO Richard S. Westfall Quantitative Methods in the Early Scientific Revolution the Quest for Mathematical Laws of Nature C. 1600
1990 Oberdan, Thomas Clemson University Linda Wessels Protocols, Truth and Convention
1989 McMullen, Emerson T. Associate Professor, Georgia Southern University Richard S. Westfall A Barren Virgin? Teleology in the Scientific Revolution
1989 Lewis, Joia A. Minnesota Linda Wessels Positivism and Realism in the Writings of Moritz Schlick
1989 Robinson, Don St. Thomas, Canada Linda Wessels Stochastic Hidden Variables Theories
1987 Pecchioni, Frank Professor, Jefferson Community College, Kentucky Nino Cocchiarella Meta-Language and Object Calculus: A Conceptual Framework for Carnap's Logical Syntax
1987 Martinez, Sergio Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Linda Wessels The Projection Postulate in the Conceptual Structure of Quantum Mechanics
1987 Steinhoff, Gordon Associate Professor, Utah State University Ronald Giere Internal Realism and Transcendental Idealism: A Comparison of the Philosophies of Putnam and Kant
1986 Irzik, Gürol Professor, Bogazici University, Istanbul Ronald Giere Causal Modeling in the Social Sciences: Foundations and Applications to Philosophy
1986 Day, Carol A. Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College Edward Grant Jean Buridan on the Classification of the Sciences
1986 Richmond, Marsha L. Associate Professor, Wayne State University Frederick Churchill Richard Goldschmidt and Sex Determination: The Growth of German Genetics, 1900–1935
1985 Funk, Gerald Richard S. Westfall Newton's Clients: Patronage in Science
1985 Millen, Ronny S. University of Minnesota Richard S. Westfall The Scholastic Foundations of the Scientific Revolution
1985 Waters, C. Kenneth Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Ronald Giere Models of Natural Selection: From Darwin to Dawkins
1984 Sobol, Peter G. Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison Edward Grant John Buridan on the Soul and Sensation
1984 Tatarewicz, Joseph N. Associate Professor, University of MD, Baltimore County Victor Thoren "Where are the People Who Know What They are Doing?" Space Technology and Planetary Astronomy, 1958–1975
1984 Davis, Edward Bradford Professor, Messiah College Richard S. Westfall Creation, Contingency, and Early Modern Science: The Impact of Voluntaristic Theology on Seventeenth Century Natural Philosophy
1983 Guerrini, Anita Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara Richard S. Westfall Newtonian Matter Theory, Chemistry, and Medicine, 1690–1713
1982 Finsen, Susan Mills Isen California State University-San Bernadino J. Alberto Coffa Rule-Governed Behavior and the Foundations of Cognitive Theories
1982 Sartorelli, Linda Professor, University of New England Ronald Giere Cause and Conditions: An Investigation into the Notion of Singular of Mathematics
1981 Rainger, Ronald Professor Emeritus, Texas Tech University Frederick Churchill The Understanding of the Fossil Past: Paleontology and Evolution Theory 1850–1910
1981 Gray, Lewis Abelia Corporation Ronald Giere A Decision Theoretic Model of Congressional Technology Assessment: A Theoretical Examination of the Characteristics of Complete Assessment Reports, with Applications
1981 Hiskes, Anne L. Deckard Professor, University of Connecticut John Winnie Relativity Principles as Symmetry Requirements
1980 Ferrier, Richard Delahide Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College Richard S. Westfall Two Exegetical Treatises of François Viète, Translated, Annotated and Explained
1980 Werdinger, Jeffrey New York Frederick Churchill Embryology at Woods Hole: The Emergence of a New American Biology
1980 Taylor, Gladys S. Professor Emeritus, Indiana State University Ronald Giere Realism, Nominalism and Conceptualism in the Foundations of Mathematics
1979 Llana, James W. Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, SUNY, The College at Old Westbury Richard S. Westfall Elements in Eighteenth Century French Chemistry
1979 Matthews, Geoffrey B. Professor, Western Washington University John Winnie The Arrow of Time
1979 Beatty, John Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada Ronald Giere Traditional and Semantic Accounts of Evolutionary Theory
1978 Maienschein, Jane Professor, Arizona State University Frederick Churchill Ross Harrison's Crucial Experiment as a Foundation for Modern American Experimental Embryology
1977 Dick, Steven J. Chief Historian, NASA Edward Grant Plurality of Worlds and Natural Philosophy: An Historical Study of the Origins of Belief in Other Worlds and Extraterrestrial Life
1976 Beauregard, Laurent A. Oregon John Winnie Conventionalism in the Philosophy of Space and Time: A Study of the Concepts of Congruence and Simultaneity in Physical Theory
1976 Van Egmond, Warren Visiting Faculty, Arizona State University Edward Grant The Commercial Revolution and the Beginnings of Western Mathematics in Renaissance Florence, 1300-1500
1976 Hardegree, Gary M. Associate Professor, University MA, Amherst Ronald Giere Studies in the Logic of Quantum Mechanics
1976 Van Houweling, Andrea Parks University of Michigan Victor Thoren The CMA Minipill Decision: A Problem in the Cultural Lag between Innovative Drug Technology and Society's Capacity for Drug Evaluation
1976 Paul, Erich R. Deceased Victor Thoren Seeliger, Kapteyn and the Rise of Statistical Astronomy
1975 Rogers, C. Thomas California Ronald Giere A Critique of Axiomatic Social Choice Theory: Certain Difficulties in the Semantics of Social Choice
1975 Bowman, Inci Altug Retired -- Washington, DC Frederick Churchill William Cullen (1710-90) and the Primacy of the Nervous System
1975 Tamthai, Mark G. Payap University, Thailand J. Alberto Coffa Analytic Components of Empirical Theories
1975 Jain, Chaman Lal Senior Lecturer, SPEA, Indiana University Noretta Koertge Methodology and Epistemology: An Examination of Sir John Frederick William Herschel's Philosophy of Science with Reference to His Theory of Knowledge
1975 Wessels, Linda A. Associate Professor Emeritus, Indiana University Ronald Giere Schroedinger's Interpretations of Wave Mechanics
1974 Overmann, Ronald J. NSF, Retired Richard S. Westfall Theories of Gravity in the Seventeenth Century
1974 Le Noir, Timothy Professor, Duke University Richard S. Westfall The Social and Intellectual Roots of Discovery in Seventeenth Century Mathematics
1973 Abramov, Blanche Wohl Professor Emeritus, Pace University Wesley C. Salmon Geometrical Structures in Science
1973 Jobe, Evan K. Texas Tech University, Retired Wesley C. Salmon The Nature of Time
1973 Stewart, Robert B. Colorado Springs, CO Wesley C. Salmon The Principle of Indifference, Paradoxes, and a Priorism in Theories of Induction
1973 Nilson, Donald R. Akita University, Japan Wesley C. Salmon Quantum Logic, Quantum Probability, and Quantum Measurement: A Philosophical Perspective on the Quantum Theory
1972 Shaw, James R. University of Memphis, TN Edward Grant Early Models for Cardiac Structure and Function: The Presocratics through the Middle Ages
1972 Bowman, Peter University of Houston, Clear Lake Wesley C. Salmon Conventionality in Distant Simultaneity
1972 Moor, James H. Professor, Dartmouth College Wesley C. Salmon Computer Consciousness
1971 Swartz, Norman Manuel Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University, Canada Ronald Giere Contingent Identity
1971 Osorio, Alberto Cortes Ronald Giere Identity in Quantum Mechanics
1971 Harder, Allen J. Deceased Ronald Giere Scientific Methodology and the Growth of Knowledge
1971 Cadden, Joan Professor, University of California, Davis Edward Grant The Medieval Philosophy and Biology of Growth
1971 Christensen, Ferrel M. Professor, University of Alberta, Canada Ronald Giere A Defense of Temporal 'Becoming'
1971 Ringen, Jon D. Professor, University of Iowa Roger Buck Behavior Theoretic Explanation: A Study of the New Dualism in the Philosophy of Action
1971 Byrne, Rodney P. Professor Emeritus, SUNY-Oswego Ronald Giere Nomos and Cosmos: Reichenbach's Explication of Scientific Language
1971 Rogers, Benjamin Associate Professor Emeritus, Wichita State University Ronald Giere Foundational Studies in Statistical Inference
1971 Straker, Stephen Mory Deceased Richard S. Westfall Kepler's Optics: A Study in the Development of Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophy
1971 Grossman, Neal Associate Professor, University of Illinois, Chicago Wesley C. Salmon The Problem of Measurement in Quantum Mechanics: A Critical Survey
1970 Farber, Paul Lawrence Professor, Oregon State University Frederick Churchill Buffon's Concept of Species
1970 Hetherington, Norris University of California, Berkeley Retired Victor Thoren The Development and Early Application of the Velocity-Distance Relation
1970 Asquith, Peter D. Professor, Michigan State University Wesley C. Salmon Alternative Mathematics and Their Status
1970 Fetzer, James H. Professor, University of Minnesota, Duluth Wesley C. Salmon The Statistician's Dilemma: A Study in the Logic of Concept Formation
1970 Farrall, Lyndsay Andrew Principal, Friends School, Australia Frederick Churchill The Origins and Growth of the English Eugenics Movement 1865-1925
1969 Glymour, Clark Noren Alumni Univ. Prof., Carnegie Mellon & Sr. Res. Sci., U of W FL Wesley C. Salmon Theories: An Examination of the Logical Empiricist Philosophy of Science
1969 Wright, C. E. (Larry) University of California -- Riverside Roger Buck A Cautious Defense of Teleology
1969 Levy, Edwin Jr. Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Canada Wesley C. Salmon Interpretations of Quantum Theory and Soviet Thought
1968 Osler, Margaret Jo DECEASED Richard S. Westfall John Locke and Some Philosophical Problems in the Science of Boyle and Newton
1968 Zaffron, Richard Deceased Roger Buck Scientific Explanation: Explanation-Types and Explanation-Levels
1967 Child, James W. Professor, Bowling Green State University Wesley C. Salmon The Ontological Commitment of Physical Theories
1967 Snow, Robert Emerson Richard S. Westfall The Problem of Certainty: Bacon, Descartes, and Pascal
1967 Home, Roderick Weir Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia Victor Thoren The Effluvial Theory of Electricity
1967 McLaughlin, Robert Australia Wesley C. Salmon Theoretical Entities and Philosophical Dualisms A Critique of Instrumentalism
1966 Lacey, Hugh M. Professor Emeritus, Swarthmore Wesley C. Salmon Causal Order and the Topological Properties of Time
1966 Ruffner, James A. Professor, Wayne State University Richard S. Westfall The Background and Early Development of Newton's Theory of Contents
1965 Lindberg, David C. Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison Edward Grant The Perspectiva Communis of John Peckham (Edited and translated by D.C. Lindberg)
1965 Thoren, Victor Eugene Deceased -- Indiana University Richard S. Westfall Tycho Brahe on the Lunar Theory
1964 Hull, David L. Professor Emeritus, Northwestern Roger Buck The Logic of Phylogenetic Taxonomy
1964 Pav, Peter Anton Retired Eckerd College, Florida Richard S. Westfall Eighteenth-Century Optics: The Age of Unenlightenment

Masters Degree in HPSC

if you have received your masters degree and it is not listed, please let us know and we will be more than glad to add it.

Evan Arnet 2017
Jonathan Oatess 2017
Tyler Nighswander 2017
Meagan Allen 2017
Archie Fields III 2016
Chris ChoGlueck 2016
David Rogers 2016
Kate Grauvogel 2016
Angelo Hankes2015
Jaynee Martin-Schnell2015
Emil Sargsyan2015
Martin Earl2014
David Milliern2014
Paul Patton2014
Benjamin Alford 2013
Travis Weisse 2013
Steven Lawrie 2012
Scott Hyslop 2010
Bradford Johnson 2010
Laura Seger  2010
William York 2010
Klodian Coko 2010
Elliot Han 2009
Leslie Arms 2009
Kyle Dennedy 2009
Lawrence Glass 2009
Grant Goodrich 2009
Matthew Dunn 2009
Christopher Wach 2009
Koray Karaca 2008
Kathryn Carter 2008
Matthew Schmelzer 2008
Nicholas Best 2007
Robert Allen Shotwell 2007
Evan Ragland 2007
Jonathan Bodnar 2006
Constantinos Mannouris 2006
Sarah Smith 2006
Ariel Weinberg 2006
Stephen Crowley 2005
Moon S. Choi 2004
Alexander Klein 2003
John Johnson 2003
Kent B. VanCleave 2003
David Stokes 2001
Daniel Hartwig 2001
James Pedgrift 2001
Jean-Louis Hudry 2000
Hunter Close 2000
David Shumaker 2000
Keith Miller  2000
Charles Smith 2000
Frederick Seiler 1999
Kevin Grau 1999
Zachary Jenkins 1999
Fritz Zuhl  1998
Daniel Stolzenberg 1998
Chris Thiel 1998
Robert Brosnan, 1998
Byung-oh Lee 1998
Juris Vinters 1998
Spiro Georgakopoulos 1997
Thomas Morey 1997
Simon James 1997
Michael Vehec 1997
Adam Gluckman  1996
Micah Hall 1995
Otis Kent 1995
Christian Trejbal 1995
Kevin Cullimore 1995
Steve Langenegger 1995
Lawrence Villano 1995
Robert Downey 1995
Edwin Cooper  1995
Krister Knapp  1994
Daniel Kern 1994
Jeffrey Kosokoff 1994
Daniel Woodside  1994
Judith Hammett 1993
Patrick Catt 1993
Amy Rubin 1992
Thomas Franzel 1992
Kathryn Fogle  1991
Corinna Treitel 1991
Nicholas Winter 1991
Abdul Samian  1990
Doug LaBarr 1990
Don Carver 1988
Thomas Daley 1988
Donald T. Smith 1988
John C. Lockwood 1987
Ivan Amato 1986
John C. Lansing 1986
Jeffrey Whitmer 1986
Ana Estany 1985
Gordon R. Steinhoff 1985
Peter Lang 1984
Mark Robbins 1984
M.F. Pinette 1983
Krista Hollenberg-Cussen 1982
Howard D. Stern 1982
Donald Wassem 1981
Christine Fletcher  1981
Sung Kyu Lee 1980
Robert Reichert 1980
Luis Enrique Garcia Restrepo 1980
Charles Fox 1980
Earl Wajenberg 1980
Chester Buzzelli Jr. 1980
Ali Belkairous-Fissa  1979
Robert Turner 1979
Melvin Shibuya  1978
Tod Heath 1978
Richard Gast 1977
William Lutz  1977
Rowan Dordick  1977
William Bradnan 1977
Margaret Schabas 1977
Jack Horner  1976
Frank Nelson  1976
Hans Hennig 1976
Sidney Kitchel  1975
Sheldon Miller  1975
Laurence Smith 1975
Donald Winstead 1975
Michael Middlemas 1975
Michael Cohen 1975
Paul Dickey  1975
Oskars Rieksts  1975
Barbara Hedges  1974
Peter Rubba Jr.  1974
Camillo Cimis 1974
Genay Hess 1972
Bertrand Shelton  1972
John Bergman 1972
Peter Yen-Chu Liu 1972
Tom Hughes 1970
Sang-Yong Song   1970
Paul Erickson 1969
Jay E. Hines 1969
Virginia Marcum 1969
Dan E. Poff 1969
Derek Thomsett 1969
Malcom Acock  1968
Neal K. Grossman 1968
James R. Holbrook 1968
Timothy (Hochstatter) Blackwood 1967
Barry Burrows 1967
Mary E. Gindhart 1967
Charles Levine 1967
William A. Reupke 1967
Floretta Yen 1967
Elton Davis, Jr. 1966
John C. Rogers 1965
Paul McEvoy 1963