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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty & Postdocs

Core Faculty

Domenico Bertoloni MeliDomenico Bertoloni Meli
(812) 855-8746
Math, Medicine
James CapshewJames Capshew

University Historian

(812) 855-3655
Psychology, American Science and Learning
Jordi CatJordi Cat
(812) 855-8806

Physics, Unity of Science, History of Philosophy of Science, Visual and Material Culture and Cognition, Application of Mathematics

Sander GliboffSander Gliboff

Director of Graduate Studies

(812) 856-7417
History of Biology; Science in modern Germany and Austria; Heredity and Evolution

Amit HagarAmit Hagar
Department Chair

Director of Undergraduate Studies

(812) 855-2541
Modern Physics, Biophysical Modeling of Cancer, Exercise Oncology and Methodological Issues in Biomedical Research
Elisabeth LloydElisabeth Lloyd
(812) 855-3195
Biology, Models
William NewmanWilliam Newman
(812) 855-3071

Chemistry, Alchemy, Medieval and Early Modern Natural Philosophy


Osvaldo Frota Pessoa Jr.


Physics, Neuroscience
Leah Savion
(812) 855-4705 Mathematical Logic, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Traps in Law, Business, and Medicine
Giulia Rispoli Epistemology of systems theory and cybernetics
Jutta SchickoreJutta Schickore

(812) 855-9728
Life Sciences, Scientific Practice, History of Philosophy of Science


Adjunct Faculty

Nathan EnsmengerNathan Ensmenger 
Adjunct Associate Professor
School of Informatics

Informatics West, Room 303


Artificial Intelligence, Health Informatics,
Social Informatics
Ron GiereRon Giere
Adjunct Professor
  Nature of scientific representation and judgment, Philosophy of science, Use of models in science
Thomas F. GierynThomas F. Gieryn
Adjunct Professor
Department of Sociology
Bryan Hall 105
cultural authority of science, the significance of place for human behavior and social change
Christoph IrmscherChristoph Irmscher
Adjunct Professor
Department of English
Ballantine 417
nineteenth-century American and Canadian literature and culture
Mark KaplanMark Kaplan
Adjunct Professor
Department of Philosophy
Sycamore Hall 113
Decision theory, Epistemology, Austin
Krista MaglenKrista Maglen
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Professor of History
Ballantine 808
Modern History, History of Medicine

David McCartyDavid McCarty
Adjunct Professor
Department of Philosophy

Sycamore Hall 121
Foundations of mathematics and logic, early analytical philosophy, and on the history of mathematics and logic
Eden MedinaEden Medina
Adjunct Associate Professor
School of Informatics and Computing
Informatics West 305
the relationship of technological innovation and political innovation

Rudolf RaffRudolf Raff
Adjunct Professor
Department of Biology

Myers Hall 102A
Evolutionary developmental biology; Evolution of early development; Larval origins; How embryos fossilize.
Michael WadeMichael Wade
Adjunct Professor
Department of Biology
Jordan Hall 131C
Evolution in Metapopulations; Genetic basis of speciation in Tribolium; Epistasis; Evolutionary genetics of maternal effects; Sexual selection and alternative male mating strategies; Coevolution of arthropod hosts and Wolbachia endosymbionts
John WalbridgeJohn Walbridge
Adjunct Professor
Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures
Goodbody Hall 222
Islamic philosophy Islamic intellectual history, emphasis on the cultural role of philosophy and science
Joan WeinerJoan Weiner
Adjunct Professor
Department of Philosophy
Sycamore Hall 127
Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, History of Analytic Philosophy (Frege)
Rega WoodRega Wood
Adjunct Professor
Department of Philosophy
Sycamore Hall 119

Aristotelian Natural Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, and Scholastic Philosophy of Science

Emeritus Faculty

Ann CarmichaelAnn Carmichael Medicine, Epidemiology
Frederick ChurchillFrederick Churchill Life sciences in the 19th and 20th centuries
Arthur FieldArthur Field Italian Renaissance
Scott GordonScott Gordon History of social sciences, especially economics
Edward GrantEdward Grant Physical sciences in ancient and medieval times
Noretta Koertge Noretta Koertge Philosophy of science