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Indiana University Bloomington

Amit Hagar


Amit HagarDirector of undergraduate studies/advisor

Amit Hagar (Ph.D. UBC, 2004), is a philosopher of physics interested in the foundations of modern physics, especially in the notion of objective chance, the philosophy of time, the notion of physical computation, and the foundations of quantum information theory.

He is the author of Time and Chance (2004, MAPA, in Hebrew) and The Complexity of Noise: A Philosophical Outlook on Quantum Error Correction (Morgan & Claypool, 2010), and a recipient of two NSF scholar's awards (Grant # SES 0847547; 144,000 US$; 2009-2010, and Grant # SES 0951179; 221,000 US$; 2010-2013). He is currently engaged in writing a monograph on the history & the philosophy of the notion of fundamental length in modern physics.

Hagar's office hours are T 11:30 - 1:30 @ Goodbody Hall 120.