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Indiana University Bloomington

Leah Savion

Leah Savion received her Ph.D. from the City Univerisity of New York. Academic Specialties Include mathematical logic, cognitive science, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, and educational psychology. Other research interests encompass theories of rationality, heuristics and biases in business, law, and medicine, and epistemology. Publications include "Quick and Dirty Mental Operations: The Price of Adaptive Cognition," Pearson Custom, 2008, “Brain Power: Symbolic Logic for the Novice”, Pearson Custom, 2007, “The Role of Logical Inference in Heuristic Rationality” (with Raymundo Morado), in Logic and Philosophy of Science, Volume 5 of the Proceedings of the XXI World Congress of Philosophy 2007, “Unconfined Rationality: A Normative yet Realistic Model of Inference” (with Raymundo Morado), in An Ontology of Philosophical Studies (ed.) P.Hanna, A. McEvoy, P. Voutsina, Published by ATINER, 2006, “Excellence in Teaching” 2012, “Cognition and Rationality” 2013, “Rational Irrationality” 2017.