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Indiana University Bloomington

Jutta Schickore

Jutta SchickoreJutta Schickore received her PhD from the University of Hamburg, Germany, in 1996. Her research interests include historical and philosophical aspects of microscopy, the problem of error in science, studies of the eye and vision, the history of philosophy of science especially from the 19th century, and the relation between history and philosophy of science. She held a Wellcome research fellowship at the at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science in Cambridge, UK as well as postdoctoral fellowships at the Dibner Institute (Cambridge, Mass.) and the Max Planck Institute (Berlin, Germany), and she was a member of the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton).

Her recent publications include Going Amiss in Experimental Research (co-edited with G. Hon and F. Steinle), Dordrecht: Springer (2009), "Test Objects for Microscopes," History of Science 47 (2009), 117–145, "Doing Science, Writing Science," Philosophy of Science 75 (2008), 323–343, and The Microscope and the Eye: A History of Reflections, 1740–1870, Chicago: University of Chicago Press (2007).

Her current research focuses on the formation of rules and criteria for successful experimentation.