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Indiana University Bloomington

Current Graduate Students

James Aames


Meagan Allen Medieval Medicine: I am interested in the origin and transmission routes of pandemics and panzootics in the early medieval period, as well as how  physicians and writers of the Byzantine Empire understood their origins, transmission, and the medical properties of the treatments used to cure them. I am also interested in the boundary between religion and medicine in treatment.
Josua Aponte-Serrano
Evan Arnet Philosophy of Biology
Michael Bailey
Nicolas Bamballi
Kimberly Brumble
Chris ChoGlueck philosophy of science, values in science, science and public policy
Archie Fields III
Kate Grauvogel

19th and 20th century Western history and philosophy of medicine, gender, stigma, feminist epistemologies, American pragmatism and feminism

Ashley Inglehart
Rebecca Jackson
Paul Kelly
Samuel Ketchum (Ryan)
Martin McNeela (Patrick)
Nicholas McNeely
Ali Mirza

My core research projects are in philosophy of biology/paleobiology. Specifically, I am interested in conceptual and empirical issues related to the inference of behavior from the fossil record (using morphometrics and foraging models) and, generally, in the influence of behavior on morphology and vice versa. Additionally, I am of the view that historians and philosophers can play a positive role in the direct construction and evaluation of scientific models.

Jared Neumann

Scientific discovery (both normative and descriptive), conceptual change, cognitive science (esp. analogy, similarity), philosophy of language, history of logic (esp. Victorian), digital humanities

Tyler Nighswander History of biology and Islamic philosophy
Jon Oatess
Sarah Reynolds
David Rogers General philosophy of science, Statistical methods, pedagogy, Kant
Laura Seger Philosophy of Biology and Biomedical Ethics
Brenton Wells
Shane Zappettini Philosophy of cognitive science (esp. issues in embodied cognitive science, animal/comparative cognition, and cognitive ecology), history and philosophy of biology (esp. issues in the foundations of ethology, systems-level approaches to explaining adaptive behavior, and population biology)
Nicholas Zautra

General philosophy of science, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of psychiatry, biomedical ethics, research ethics, addiction, satire, humor, consciousness, public perceptions of science and technology