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Indiana University Bloomington

Minoring in HPSC

At present, the Department of History and Philosophy of Science does not offer an undergraduate major, but students can minor in this field, and those wishing to pursue study specifically in this area can do so through the Individualized Major Program (IMP). Inquiries and applications to the IMP should be made at the IMP office, Ballantine Hall 129. In addition to the minor, students can participate in our area certificate program. Just click on 'Certificate' in the menu on the left for more information.

Requirements for the minor are: 18 credit hours in history and philosophy of science, chosen in consultation with an adviser, including:

  • At least one course at the 300 or 400 level.
  • Not more than three courses from the following: X100, X102, X110, X200, X207.

Selected courses in history and philosophy of science fulfill College of Arts and Sciences fundamental skills requirements as well as distribution requirements for Traditions and Ideas, Social Inquiry, Historical Studies, and Mathematical Sciences and Cognition; all other schools accept approved history and philosophy of science courses to fulfill their distribution requirements (see each individual school's Bulletin for a listing of approved courses). Students should consult with their advisers to ensure that a particular history and philosophy course will meet their needs.

New HPSC Master's Track Studies of Scientific Literacy and Responsible Reserach