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Giving You a Voice  

cientific communication has historically been one-way : expert to non-expert.   But non-specialists often know things that specialists do not.   Thus, we invite comments and observations related to handedness.

If you think you know something that "experts" have overlooked, tell us.

All comments are reviewed, and new information and relevant comments are communicated to researchers via the web post (below) and by conference communiqués, thereby giving knowledgable individuals a voice in setting research agendas.

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Note :  This Forum is NOT for  Questions About Handedness   or   Requests for Research or Homework Help,
rather for you to tell us what you know.  If your comments are not research-related, please do not submit them here, but on a different communication forum.

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Observations / Ideas Relevant to Research  

elow are comments and observations from the public that suggest aspects of handedness which may have been overlooked or little investigated by researchers.

Comments are organized into 4 cateories :  possible population trends, "real life" (applied) perspectives, traditional knowledge, and original theories or ideas.

All comments printed here are comprised of informed and voluntary contributions to this page.   Copyright © 1996-2003 M.K. Holder. All rights reserved worldwide.   Comments may not be reproduced elsewhere without prior written permission.
.  P O S S I B L E   P O P U L A T I O N   T R E N D S
"Difficulty telling left from right is not necessarily related to handedness or being forced to switch, in my experience. I am right-handed. I have never been left-handed. Both my maternal grandmother and I are unable to automatically tell left from right.... she has also always been right-handed."
- Cathy, USA

"Preliminary data indicating a relationship between primary nocturnal enuresis and handedness" (ms., 2000)
- by Mark A. Murphy (murphy@tiaer.tarleton.edu)

.  A P P L I E D   P E R S P E C T I V E S
"I recently broke my ankle, which required the use of a plate and screws to realign the bone. As the break was healing, one of the screws started to bother me. The Dr. suggested "friction massage" using a circular motion. Without thinking about it, I proceeded to rub counter clockwise, loosening the screw and causing more damage. After 4 months, the Dr. had to remove the hardware because I started to damage the nerve. Fortunately, everything is fine now."
- Cathy, USA

"After years of using right-handed desks, I started to develop muscle spasms around the shoulder blade area. In college, my back was always in constant pain until I started to take notes on my lap and use left-handed desks when possible. This allowed my left arm to rest preventing the strain caused from having no arm rest. Five years after college, I still have some problems, but I have learned some excercises and better ways to relieve the desk plague syndrome."
- Dan Harwell, USA

.  T R A D I T I O N A L   K N O W L E D G E

.  N E W   I D E A S
"I have heard that left-handed people have been studied in Russia and found to be more senitive to medication dosing. They evidently, prescribe the dosages in smaller amounts for the left-handed patient. Can you speak to or find further data on this? My husband is left-handed and I feel this has been true in his case."
- Cindy Kolb RN (USA)


Another Communication Forum  

nother type of communication forum -- the "Left-Handers in Society" site - offers an online resource for parents, students, educators, employers, manufacturers, administrators, doctors, left-handers and ambidextrals that promotes productive interactions between right-handers, left-handers and ambidextrals. The site is collaboratively-built by people worldwide (from 24 countries to date) who provide insightful comments and suggest tips and strategies for functioning in a right-biased world. Topics include: understanding intrinsic and social-cultural right bias, tips for left-handers (music, sports, daily life), medical considerations, common school problems, product design, etc. The site has been edited and hosted by the Institute's Director, Dr. M.K. Holder, since 1996.

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