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2015 Graduation Invitation

2015 Graduation Invitation

Andrea Wiley elected as President of the Human Biology Association

Human Biology Program Director Andrea Wiley is elected as President of the Human Biology Association, 2014-2016. The HBA is the largest professional organization of Human Biologists, with an international membership, and publishes American Journal of Human Biology.

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What are we?

Human Biology is an intellectually-vibrant interdisciplinary major that challenges students to gain a holistic view of humanity. It provides students with a solid grounding in the scientific understanding of human biology, and emphasizes the ways that human biology is shaped by, understood, and interpreted within a social and cultural context. Students take innovative core courses in Human Biology that are co-taught by faculty in the life science and the social sciences or humanities. They also pursue coursework at the lower and upper levels in the sciences and choose an area of concentration that best suits their interests and that includes classes in the natural and social sciences and the humanities.

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