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Andy Ruff

The Human Biology program is an interdisciplinary major centered around a sequence of 3 HUBI core courses along with complementary courses from other disciplines. The core courses are intended to be taken over a 3 year time period, starting with HUBI B200 in the sophomore year, and culminating with B400 in the senior year. Note that the core courses cannot be taken concurrently, and that we do not offer these in the summer. Statistics should be taken before HUBI B200. In addition to the core courses, students take courses in the life sciences, social sciences and humanities.  The HUBI core courses do not have set topics, but instead are organized around learning goals for the major.  Thus the topics vary from semester to semester, as do the instructors, who come from departments in the life sciences, social sciences and humanities.

How to major in Human Biology

Students planning to major in Human Biology should first fill out the online questionnaire for prospective majors  to help ascertain whether this major is right for them.  After that, interested students should schedule a meeting with the Human Biology advisor to plan their curriculum.

Students who would like to gain a holistic understanding of Human Biology, but are unable to take the core course sequence are encouraged to consider the Certificate in Human Biology.

Please feel free to peruse this Website for information on B.A. and B.S. courses, curriculum, areas of concentration, and Human Biology Certificate. The College of Arts & Sciences Bulletin is the official source of information on major requirements. Andy Ruff, the Human Biology Program’s academic advisor is also ready to assist you with any questions you may have:

Academic Advisor
Andy Ruff

Advising checklist for Human Biology Majors >> (Bachelor of Science) (Bachelor of Arts)

Peer Instructor applications 
To apply for a Peer Instructor position in HUBI B200 or B300 for the next semester, please fill out the application and email ( or deliver to Diane Richardson in Sycamore Hall 046.

To qualify you must have successfully completed the course for which you are applying to be a Peer Instructor, be available to attend the lectures and one of the discussion sections, and be enthusiastically supportive of the course instructors, Associate Instructors, and the Human Biology Program.