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Approved Area of Concentration Courses

The Human Biology Program offers 5 Areas of Concentration.  Each area has a requirement of 1 Life Sciences Perspectives course, 1 Lecture/Laboratory course, and 2 Historical, Social, Arts, and Humanities Perspectives Courses

The 5 Areas of Concentration are:

  1. Human Environment & Ecology
    Humans as organisms interfacing with their environment and the resulting effects of this interaction on the human condition.
  2. Human Growth & Development
    The development of the human body and mind, including the mechanisms and processes of change across the human lifespan, from a biological as well as a social and cultural perspective.
  3. Human Health and Disease
    The biological basis of health and disease as well as the social and cultural context that influences disease risk and healing.
  4. Human Origins & Survival
    Human origins, variation, and physiological adaptations through the study of genetics and evolutionary processes.  Cultural and biological adaptations related to health and disease are considered.
  5. Human Reproduction & Sexuality
    Human reproduction and sexuality both from a biological standpoint and from a psychological and social perspective.

Click on Course lists for the Areas of Concentration to see the courses available for each Area of Concentration that fulfill the requirements. (You may need to scroll down on the browser to see the different Area of Concentration course lists).