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The Buriat Lamas at the Interface between Two Empires

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On March 5th, Nikolay Tsyrempilov gave a lecture entitled "The Buriat Lamas at the Interface between Two Empires" as part of the CEUS colloquia.

Nikolay Tsyrempilov is a senior research fellow of the Institute for Mongolian, Tibetan, and Buddhist studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Currently he is a member of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.  Nikolay specializes in the modern history of Tibet and Mongolia and the history of Tibetan Buddhist communities in Russia.

His talk will touch on the issues of comparative empire studies, religious policies implemented by the Romanov and Qing dynasties, colonization strategies, imperial bureaucracy, and religious migrations.  Nikolay’s main focus is the Buriats, a small indigenous ethnic and religious minority inhabiting the area around Lake Baikal.  Following Alexei Miller, he argues that thorough analysis of the history of frontier peoples like the Buriats is only possible if we consider their history in the context of imperial macro systems.

Nikolay Tsyrempilov
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014
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