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Latitude and Longitude Activity - Middle-High School

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Latitude and Longitude

Teaching State Standards While Exploring Central Asia



A Geography Lesson for Middle & High School Classes



Latitude and Longitude Activity


Objective: Students will be able to use their knowledge of latitude and longitude to answer real-world questions using these concepts.



-          WG.1.1Explain Earth’s grid system and locate places using degrees of latitude and longitude.

-          WG.2.1Name and locate the world’s continents, major bodies of water, major mountain ranges, major river systems, all countries and major cities.

Approximate Length: 20 minutes


Materials Needed: Copies of worksheets


About the Lesson:

This lesson is designed to help students learn longitude and latitude. This activity assumes that the teacher has already discussed longitude and latitude with her/his class and that students have a basic knowledge of the concepts. The lesson is designed to allow students to apply their knowledge and solidify the concepts.



1.      Print off a copy of the worksheet and the map for each student.

2.      Briefly review concepts of latitude and longitude.

3.      Have students complete the worksheet and go over the answers


Note: Some questions, particularly the time zone one, may be removed for younger grades if the teacher feels these questions are too difficult for their class.


*The map for the worksheet was created in February 2012 by the IAUNRC.



[ Student worksheet starts here ]


Name:_____________________________________________       Date:__________________


Latitude and Longitude of Central Asia

Using the attached map of Central Asia, answer the following questions about latitude and longitude.


1.      What country is located at 45°N, 100°E? _______________________________________


2.      What country is located at 30°N, 55°E? ________________________________________


3.      If you are at 50°N, 125°E, where are you? ______________________________________


4.      Pretend you are traveling through Central Asia. You start at 30°N, 65°E. What country


are you in? ______________________________________________________________


5.      Now move 10° to the north. What is your latitude reading? What country are you in now?




6.      From your location in problem #5, move 5° westward. What is your longitude reading? Which country are you in? ­­­­­­




7.      Now move 20° to the north and 25° to the east. What is your latitude and longitude reading? What country are you in?



8.     Which countries does the latitude line 40°N run through?



9.     Which countries does the longitude line 70°E run through?



10.  If each time zone is 15° longitude wide, starting at 45°E, how many time zones are on


this map? _____________________________________________________________


[Teacher Answers]

Teacher Answers to the Worksheet


1.      Mongolia

2.      Iran

3.      China

4.      Afghanistan

5.      40°N, Uzbekistan

6.      60°E, Turkmenistan

7.      60°N, 85°E, Russian Federation (Russia)

8.      Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China

9.      Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation

10.  6 (Not all of the time zone past 120°E is shown on the map, but part of it is there.)


Map for Worksheet