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Gulhayo Kobilova

Gulhayo Kobilova is the 2013-2014 Uzbek FLTA at Indiana University.

“I am Gulhayo Kobilova from Uzbekistan. My home city in my country is Samarkand, which is famous for its historical monuments. I am very proud of it. I never say I’m from the capital, even though I work there. I always say I’m from Samarkand.  My position before coming here as a FLTA was a teacher at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Tashkent for the students of International Law.  

I hope here at Indiana University to gain more teaching methods, how to teach English for specific purposes intensively and effectively.  So far, it has already been one month since I came here and it has gone so quickly. The biggest thing which I have learned here so farGulhayo Kobilova is that Indiana University, like all American universities, students are given a syllabus so they all know what is expected of them, what they should be ready for.  But in my country, the syllabus is only for teachers and the students do not see it. As soon as I go back, I’m going to implement this system in our university also.

A FLTA, as you know, is not only teacher but cultural ambassador of her nation.  For this reason I brought a lot of materials to show my culture, to make coffee hours and events.  We have the Uzbek Student and Scholar Association at IU, and we are going to organize the Monday September 9th coffee hour about our Independence Day.  Our Independence Day is the first of September, but here the second of September was Labor Day so we had to move our celebration. Our next event will be about our famous historical writers, based on their birthdays, in partnership with the Organization of International Students. In spring is the holiday Navruz, so all students and teachers are invited who are interested in practicing how to cook our national dishes, to learn about our history, and to try on our national costumes.

I am taking two courses while I am here, one on how students should behave at American universities. I chose this course because I want to know about the U.S. educational system and to compare it with Uzbekistan’s educational system and to make all the pluses and remove all the minuses in Uzbekistan’s system.  The second course is a TESOL course because I want to improve professionally and develop better English for my career. I hope to become a TESOL member because I want to participate in TESOL conferences.”

We wish Gulhayo the best for her time at Indiana University!