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2015 Navruz Celebration

On Thursday, March 26th at Willkie Auditorium, the Navruz Student Association once again hosted Indiana University’s Navruz celebration. The Persian holiday dates back to pre-Islamic times and is now celebrated as a spring festival in Turkey, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Xinjiang, and myriad diaspora communities. The event was funded by the Indiana University Students Association and the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center.


Lucky to have such support from the university, surrounding communities, and students of the region, IU’s Navruz has traditionally seen a number of performers from around the Bloomington and IU community. This year was no different with poetry recitations, songs, and dances. In between the acts, the audience was treated to traditional Turkish, Central Asian, and Persian food catered from Turkuaz and Anatolia. After the acts were over, the audience was invited to partake in a halay or Turkish line dance followed by a dance party featuring pop hits from all over the world.


All photographs courtesy of Jonathan North Washington