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2016 Mongolian Lunar New Year

The celebration of Mongolian Lunar New Year (Tsagaan Sar) has become an annual event that features performances from the Mongolian community as well as Mongolian Studies’ students and associates. This year people in Bloomington celebrated Tsagaan Sar on February 6, 2016 from 5:00-8:00pm in the University Club at the IMU. Organized by Mongolian Language Instructor, Tserenchunt Legden, and Mongolian FLTA, Gerelmaa Altangerel, this year's celebration began with opening remarks by Dr. Christopher Atwood, Associate Professor in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies (CEUS). Guests enjoyed homemade dishes from Tserenchunt, Gerelmaa, and Susie Drost of the Mongolia Society. Over seventy five people gathered to welcome in a prosperous year of the fire monkey. Programming included performances of Mongolian poetry, songs, humorous skils and the Yokhor circle dance. This year's celebration also garnered the attention and interests of the Indiana Daily Student. A copy of this year’s program can be found below.


The program and reception are co-sponsored by The Mongolia Society, Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, ANU-IU Pan Asia Institute, Department of Central Eurasian Studies, IU Asian Culture Center, Mongolian Student Association, IUSA, and the Bloomington Mongolian Community.



Program for the 2016 Tsagaan Sar Celebration

Announcers:      Jaime Bue, Advanced Mongolian student

             Kathleen Kuo, Advanced Mongolian student

                         Brendan Devine, Intermediate Mongolian student

                         Alec Resch, Introductory Mongolian student


1.       Opening remarks from Christopher Atwood, Professor of Mongolian Studies, CEUS.

2.       Mongolian song Khaluun elgen nutag (The country in the heart ) sung by Tuvshintugs Ragchaasuren, Battsooj Uvsh, Dorjbal and others.

3.       Mongolian folk song Tsagaan sar (The White month) sung by Mongolian language students with musical accompaniment by Ochmaa Dashzeveg and  Delgerbat Uvsh.

4.       Mongolian poem Minii nutag (My homeland) written by Natsagdorj, recited by James Baugh.

5.       Buryat song Nayan Nawaa  sung by Tristra New Year

6.       Mongolian song Minii aav, (My father) composed by Tsogtgerelsung by Alec Resch.

7.       Two Mongolian folk songs played by Ochmaa Dashzeveg on the Mongolian zither.

8.       Mongolian song Sodura sung by Kathleen Kuo, with musical accompaniment by Jennie Williams, Alice Corey and Anju Chandu.

9.       Mongolianfolk song Yunden Googoo (Handsome Yunden) sung by Kathleen Kuo, with musical accompaniment Jennie Wiiliams, Alice Corey and Anju Chandu.

10.   Buryat folk song Tu’ruu’shiin duran(the First Love)sung by Kate Graber, Assistant Professor of Anthropology department and CEUS department.

11.   Mongolian song Ulaanbaatariin u`desh  (The evening of Ulaanbaater) sung by Kathleen Kuo, with musical accompaniment Jennie Wiiliams, Alice Corey and Anju Chandu.

12.   Mongolian song Aynii shuwuud (The Migrant birds) sung by Claire, graduate student of IU, former Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia.

13.   Poem Mongol gej nutgaa sanah o`vchin(The homesickness about Mongolia ) written and  recited by Sermoon visiting scholar from The Inner Mongolian  University .

14.   Mongolian folk song Shigshirgiin ai (The Melody of the Tambourine ) drummed and sung by Amita Vempati, CEUS graduate student.

15.   Surprise by Christopher Balsirow and Jaime Bue.

16.   Arkhinii duu (Drinking song)sung by Jonathan Washington North, Sam Bass, Christopher Balsirow, and Kenneth Linden, graduate students of CEUS

17.   Buryat circle danceYokhordanced by all participants.