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Mongolian Ambassador Visits Indiana University

On February 24, 2014 Bulgaa Altangerel, Mongolia’s Ambassador to the United States, visited Indiana University to meet with administrators, faculty, students, and Mongolian community members to discuss strengthening economic and educational exchanges between our two countries.  Indiana University has one of the world’s best Mongolian studies and Mongolian language programs, and Ambassador Bulgaa attended the Advanced Mongolian class taught by Senior Lecturer Tserenchunt Legden.

As part of his visit, Ambassador Bulgaa gave a public talk, “Socio-Economic Development of Mongolia, Past and Present”.  His lecture gave the audience a brief background of Mongolia since its independence in 1911, including its long period as a communist country and its difficult transition to democracy and a market economy after a peaceful revolution in 1990.  Mongolia today is recognized internationally as a stable, peaceful democratic country with vast mineral resources, including large deposits of copper, gold, coal, and iron ore.  Because of Mongolia’s small population but large territory, infrastructure building throughout the country is of vital importance but requires foreign investment.  Located between China and Russia, Mongolia’s “Third Neighbor” policy aims to strengthen relationships with the U.S., the European Union, and Japan and South Korea to provide an important economic and security balance in the region.  Educational exchanges with institutions like Indiana University, internationally renowned for its strengths in Mongolian studies and language instruction, will help strengthen these mutually beneficial bilateral relationships.

Mongolian Ambassador with Advanced Class             Mongolian Ambassador with IU Students

The Mongolia Society, the Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, the Department of Central Eurasian Studies and the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center hosted his visit.