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Uzbek Culture Night

by Dilnoza Kadirova

Central Asian people are famous for their hospitality and friendliness, and Uzbekistan is a very good example for this lovely area’s traditions. The main idea behind organizing Uzbek Culture Night was to share Uzbek culture with people in Bloomington enhance the diversity on Indiana University’s campus.

The first Uzbek Culture Night took place on April 13th, 2016 in University Club President’s Room of the IMU. More than 90 people attended the event. The most pleasant moment was when I heard positive comments from the guests who came and shared this beautiful event with the Uzbek community.

The idea of organizing this event was started with the initiative of Malik Hodjaev, Uzbek Language Lecturer in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies, and Umida Khikmatullaeva, the president of Uzbek Student and Scholar Association. Without these two bright members of Uzbek community at IU these kind of events are almost impossible to have, because they are the ones who do all the hard and excellent work. I would sincerely like to thank Malik Hodjaev and his family on the behalf of all who were involved in the organization of this event for cooking and bringing the Uzbek food and refreshments.  Special thanks is also due to Umida Khikmatullaeva and her family who cooked delicious Uzbek “palov” and made our guests happy.

Uzbek Culture Night’s performances consisted of a presentation by Malik Hodjaev and advanced Uzbek student Will Beszborchenko who sent a video about his visit to Uzbekistan and experience. Everybody was amazed when they heard that they could sample Uzbek bread “Non” freshly baked by Malik aka for the event.  In addition to these presentations there were wonderful performances by Jewher Ilham, a Uyghur student who performed a beautiful Uzbek dance; the lovely Laziza Azimova, a student of Jacob Music School's String Academy, who played few pieces from Suzuki Book 1; and Amita Vempati, advanced Uzbek language learner, and a Master’s Degree candidate at CEUS, who sang a classic and a modern pop songs in Uzbek.  Amita was not only a performer but served as the event’s MC. The rest of all the students who learn Uzbek language were there to help to set up the place and make sure everything is ready before the guests come.

This beautiful event was possible to host only because of our main sponsors’ support who are IUSA and Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center. In addition CeLT provided us with technical support and also I have to mention CEUS and Navruz Student Association who helped us to advertise the event.  

In conclusion I would like to state that this kind of cultural events are important to hold because they help us to represent our culture and traditions and by doing this share mutual understandings with each other. I personally have been to many of them and learnt a lot about various cultures, I can state that this helps us all to understand each other better which leads all of us for better and peaceful world.