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"Voices of the Stone" Film Screening with Director Jangbu

by Tenzin Tsepak

Shot mostly in Nagqu and Lhasa, ‘Voices of the Stone’ tells a story about how three entrepreneurs—two Tibetans and one Chinese— negotiate the right to mining and attempt to sell the land to registered mining companies at a price and condition that is agreeable to all the parties concerned. Contrary to popular perceptions that Tibetans are helpless against the face of mining in Tibet, Dorjee Tsering Chenakstang’s (a.k.a. Jangbu) film shows how Tibetans themselves become a part of this growing mining market in Tibet.


‘Voices of the Stone’ is one of the two documentary films that Jangbu is currently working on—the other one is about Tsarong Dazang Damdul and his filmmaking experience. Although, a work-in-progress, Jangbu screened the first 60 minutes (roughly one third of the entire film) of the film at Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) on April 13th to an audience of IUB students, faculty members, and local Bloomington residents.


Jangbu had also made several documentary films like ‘Kokonor’ (2005), ‘Tantric Yogi’ (2005), and ‘Yartsa Rinpoche’ (Precious Caterpillar) (2014). Seen together with films by other contemporary Tibetan filmmakers from Tibet, their works reflect a new creative voice of Tibet in the new world of filmmaking.

Clip from the Documentary
Scene from "Voices of the Stone"

Event Flyer



Tibetans Studies Student Association organized this event with the support from Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Department of Anthropology, and with partial support from Asian Culture Center’s Community Engagement Fund.