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«Имперская политика Екатерины II в зеркале венценосных путешествий» [Imperial Politics of Catherine the Great in the Light of her Sovereign Journeys — lecture in Russian]

Thu, Oct 18, 12:15 pm
Ballantine Hall 004

Vitaly talk 2

How did the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Russian Empire shape the reign of Catherine the Great? How did imperial travel help to legitimize her authority? This talk will examine the impact of Catherine’s travel experiences on her policies and ideology in such areas as limitations on the privileges of Baltic aristocrats, the encouragement of ethno-cultural tolerance, the interconnections between centralized power and regional elites, and the modernization of the Russian State and its educational systems.

Guzel’ Vazykhovna Ibneeva is Professor of History at Kazan’ Federal University and a prominent specialist on the reign of Catherine the Great and eighteenth-century Russia.



Russian and East European Institute, Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies, Center for the Study of the Middle East

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